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Katie Piper opens up about 'inspiring' people she meets each week through her burns survivors charity

Katie Piper opens up about 'inspiring' people she meets each week through her burns survivors charity

Katie is harnessing the power of positivity in her new campaign.

Katie Piper has opened up about the 'inspiring' people she gets to meet every single week through her charity for burns survivors, The Katie Piper Foundation, as she promotes the power of positivity.

The writer, activist and presenter, who is known for her bright smile and incredible work within the scar and burns survivor community, is the face of a new campaign to spread smiles throughout the UK through simple good deeds.

Speaking to Tyla, Katie explained that the burn survivors that she meets through her charity are some of the most resilient people she has ever come across, effortlessly proving the power of a positive mindset and inspiring her with their strength.

Katie meets inspiring, positive people every week through her burns charity.
BelVita/Andy Gotts

"I'm really fortunate, I meet a lot of inspiring people pretty much every single week", Katie said.

"I will meet burn survivors at varying stages of their recovery. Some will be really early on, in and out of ICU and of hospital, and some will be much further on - they're back in their community rebuilding their lives.

"What all of them have in common is they've faced quite extreme adversity and it's not like a fluffy, happy ending. They've made the best of this, whatever that is. But I think that kind of determination and resilience is very inspiring."

Katie's new campaign with Belvita focuses on the chain of positivity, after new research found that 61 percent of Brits feel they need a boost of positivity in the colder months, and 76 percent agreed that receiving a smile from someone brightens their day.

The mum of two, who is constantly spreading joy and positivity with her fans and followers, explained: "It's about the ripple effect that positivity has".

"I think you kind of see that in your own day. You might be on the tube and you smile at someone, they smile back.

Katie teamed up with four local heroes for the campaign.
BelVita/Andy Gotts

"Someone might smile at you in the street, and you feel that chain of positivity. I think once you receive something like that - it's a small gesture - but it really changes your day and how you treat everyone else you come into contact with."

Research, conducted by Belvita, found that 63 percent of Brits agree a simple smile can make them feel more confident, while 36 percent stated receiving a smile inspires them to do something nice for someone else.

For the campaign, Katie teamed up with four local heroes who have each gone above and beyond in their communities to spread positivity.

These four extraordinary people are: Oyovwe Agatha Kigho, founder of the Widows Empowerment Trust, Stefan Simanowitz, founder of 'Take One, Leave One' initiative, Sam Pritchard, founder of the 'Cards Fighting Loneliness' initiative, and Jacky Alder, a local wonder woman who cooked, shopped and dog-walked for elderly residents in her community of Brackley throughout the pandemic.

"They all had the same thing in common - it was initiatives off their own back that they decided would either transform their local areas or help people in need, and they will be doing all these things voluntarily", Katie told Tyla.

Commenting on the portrait shoot, which was done by world-renowned celebrity portrait photographer, Andy Gotts, Gabriella Sergeant from Belvita said: "Our portrait series champions the smiles of unsung heroes who’ve gone the extra mile for their community, in a bid to spread positivity across the UK.

“We want to keep celebrating these good gestures, so are asking you to help spread positivity by telling us about your hero and smile spreader by heading to our Instagram page.”

Featured Image Credit: BelVita/Andy Gotts / Instagram/katiepiper_

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