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Jennifer Aniston Still Wears Dress She Stole From Friends Set After 20 Years

Jennifer Aniston Still Wears Dress She Stole From Friends Set After 20 Years

Friends fans may have recognised the dress Jennifer Aniston was wearing in a picture with her stylist

It’s been almost a decade since the last official Friends episode, but the show remains a pop culture phenomenon. 

Now, Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she still wears a dress she stole from Courteney Cox’s on-screen wardrobe over two decades ago. Aniston, unsurprisingly, got emotional during the Friends reunion last year:

The actress, 53, re-debuted the dress on Instagram on Sunday (12 June), when her stylist hairstylist Chris McMillan shared a smiling picture of the pair.

She was sporting some fresh locks as well as a dress that will be familiar to Friends fans. 

The stylist captioned the snap: “Nothing better than a fresh summer cut.

“Jen leans into her natural texture by using her @lolavie glossing detangler (a little goes a long way).

“A good haircut should do the work so you can just wash and wear your hair natural for the summer.”

The post didn’t go unnoticed by Cox herself, who posted a heart emoji and wrote: “Cuties.”

Aniston then acknowledged the dress's origin, joking with a side-eye emoji: “Does the dress look familiar?” 

“Still got it!” she added. 

The black floral lace dress made its on-screen appearance when it was worn by Monica AKA Cox in season eight, episode 22.

Courteney Cox in Friends wearing the dress Aniston later stole.
Warner Bros

Aniston first opened up about the dress in an interview with PEOPLE last year, where the cast revealed they’d kept mementoes from the Friends set. 

“I went into her line of clothes and I pulled it out, and I still have it and wear [it] to this day,” she admitted. “It has tiny little flowers with a black lace V-neck and a little cap sleeve with a little slight ruffle of black lace.

“I still have it to this day, I still wear it and it fits.”

Jennifer and Courtney in Friends.
MARKA / Alamy Stock Photo

While her dress might have found a new home with Aniston, Cox admitted she hadn’t actually kept anything herself.

But she vowed to change that with last year’s reunion, which aired on HBO Max.

Cox, now 58, admitted to PEOPLE that she’s “not a person that collects things. And then I regret.”

But joked: “I’m actually going to steal something tonight.”

Meanwhile, Matt LeBlanc, 54, explained that he actually gifted David Schwimmer a stolen item from the Friends set.

He told PEOPLE that he pinched an 'I Love Friends' license plate and popped it on Schwimmer's car - and he didn't even notice at first.

“And it took him a week to realise. Do you remember that?” he asked.

A laughing Schwimmer then replied: “No. Did you?”

Have you ever kept a memento from a job?

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros/@mrchrismcmillan

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