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Emily Atack Reveals Online Abuse She Suffers Daily On Instagram

Emily Atack Reveals Online Abuse She Suffers Daily On Instagram

The 32-year-old actress exposed the daily harassment she experiences on social media

Warning: This article may contain upsetting content for some readers.

British actress, Emily Atack, most commonly known for playing the role of Charlotte Hinchcliffe on the hit E4 comedy series The Inbetweeners, has recently taken to Instagram to share just a handful of the harassing messages she receives on the daily.

In a series of screenshotted DM's posted to her Instagram story, Emily used the opportunity to call out and expose the countless trolls sending her dozens of unsolicited sexually-graphic messages every single day.

Over one of the screenshots she wrote: "How is this s*** still allowed? How do we make this illegal?"

The 32-year-old continued: "This is a platform where children could easily receive this abuse. I am harassed everyday by this man."

"I block and block, and he creates new accounts and gets into my private messages. Every day," she further explained.

The British actress concluded by calling out Instagram: "Sort it out @Instagram."

While she hasn't yet named the person or shared his account details, the man in question refers to himself as "Daddy Dave", hence Atack's newest hashtag simply but effectively titled: "#PLEASEF***OFFDADDYDAVE."

The graphic messages include "Daddy Dave" calling Emily a whole array of horrible modes of address including the likes of "Bad b****", "Slut" and "Filthy tart" just to name a few.

The messages lay out, in immense detail, the various sexual acts that "Daddy Dave" wants to enact on the Celebrity Juice panellist with a whole host of swear words, expletives and very uncomfortably placed emojis in between.

Just one of "Daddy Dave's" harassing messages.
Emily Atack/Instagram

Oddly, this particular perpetrator continuously references the fact that he is married with a wife who he actually names as "Maria" along with two children amidst these obscene messages.

One DM reads: "Make the 58-year-old married dad with 2 kids c** everywhere."

He even uses his marriage in the flood of messages to bizarrely further his perverse sexual fantasy, dubbing his ejaculation as "married sperm."

"I am harassed everyday by this man."
Emily Atack/Instagram

As if the situation couldn't get anymore creepier, "Daddy Dave" then writes: "Ahhhhhhh my next daughter will have them eyes," immediately after intricately fantasising about having "naughty filthy sex" with Emily.

But, unfortunately, this isn't the first time Emily Atack has had to face online sexual abuse.

"I block and block, and he creates new accounts and gets into my private messages."
Emily Atack/Instagram

The actress has recently spoken out about the countless unsolicited sexually explicit photos she receives every single day, recalling seeing images of "about 10 penises I have not asked to see" first thing in the morning.

Emily Atack ended her series of Instagram screenshots calling out the social media platform with the statement: "Abuse that no one is talking about."

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Instagram/EmilyAtack/LadBible

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