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Charlotte Crosby shares why she's booked c-section for baby's birth

Charlotte Crosby shares why she's booked c-section for baby's birth

She said she's planned in advance after developing fears from an earlier ectopic pregnancy

Charlotte Crosby has explained why she's scheduled to deliver her first child via a c-section.

The Geordie Shore star, 32, explained that she decided against a natural birth after suffering an ectopic pregnancy back in 2016.

She told New! Magazine: "I've never really been keen to push a baby out of my vagina. I'm too scared to have a natural birth.

"There's always been something scary about it for me and when I had the ectopic pregnancy [in 2016] it scared me even more.

"Because I went through that horrendous time where I almost died, I know how things can go drastically wrong."

News of the reality star's c-section comes after she recently held a baby shower to celebrate her impending arrival.

It was attended by a host of famous faces including Charlotte's Geordie Shore co-stars Sophie Kasaei, Holly Hagan, Marnie Simpson and Nathan Henry

"It was really good to see Marnie at the baby shower because I don't get to see her that often," she said.

"I see Sophie more than I see my own mum! Marnie and I got the chance to bond over the fact I was pregnant and she's given me so much amazing advice."

Charlotte also explained that Marnie's labours helped inspire her to have a c-section too.

"Marnie had that awful labour which went horrifically wrong and she had a planned section with her second baby," the reality star said.

"She said it was a completely and utterly amazing experience compared with what she went through before. She said she couldn't believe how magical it was."

Marnie had a c-section.
Instagram/Marnie Simpson

As reported by OK! Magazine, Marnie's first birth was so traumatic that she had to have two blood transfusions after bleeding out two pints of blood.

Not only that, but her labour lasted a whopping 28 hours.

"C-sections can be so frowned upon," Charlotte continued. "It's just pathetic.

"I don't have any bad words for anyone who wants to experience natural labour and I in turn have nothing bad to say about someone who chooses to have a c-section. It doesn't matter how your baby comes into this world as long as it gets here safely.

"So I've decided that’s what I'm going to do.

"Marnie said her recovery after a c-section was really hard - they cut through five different layers of muscle, skin, tissues - so it's going to be a hard process but nothing is the easy way out."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/charlottegshore