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Uber Driver Gives Out Conversation Menu For The Kind Of Drive Rider Wants

Uber Driver Gives Out Conversation Menu For The Kind Of Drive Rider Wants

We've all been there: we get into an Uber and the driver either is a little too chatty or there's uncomfortable silence. But a 38-year-old Uber driver from Seattle has listened to feedback and now has the Twittersphere going wild for his 'Ride Type Menu', which allows riders to take the wheel when it comes to the conversation.


Cab driver George Ure printed his menu earlier this month in an attempt to make his customers more comfortable and make people laugh.

While his business venture is still in its infancy and George has so far only handed out 20 menus, when one was tweeted by 21-year-old Luis Arguijo on Monday - and it went viral.

In fact, Luis' tweet has since been liked more than 484k times, has 104k retweets and 1.3k comments at the time of writing.

People have replied: "Whaaaat, now I've gotta meet this guy"

And: "My drivers getting a fat tip if this is the way they do business."


His menu gives five options: The Stand Up, The Silent Ride, The Therapy Ride, The Creepy Ride and The Rude Ride.

The Stand Up is where George will "tell you about things that are funny", which could be about his "prison stories" and other "poor life choices" (including not getting "a lover's name tattooed on you").

The Silent Ride does exactly what it says on the tin.

The Therapy Ride option says: "Got something on your mind? Let me help take it off. Talk to me." You'd pay far more than an Uber fare to see a therapist, so maybe one to take him up on.

The Creepy Ride sounds like a horror lover's dream: "I don't say anything. I just look at you from time to time in the rearview mirror: All creepy like."

The Rude Ride is where George gets to be "as rude as possible" so possibly The Therapy Ride in reverse.

George told Forbes that the most popular options so far have been The Silent Ride and the Stand Up.

George didn't know his banter had taken the internet by storm, but when a friend told him about it, he started a Twitter account this week and thanked Luis.

He tweeted: "I'm so happy that my menu is making so many people laugh. It is humbling and exciting to see this all over the Internet. Special thanks to @LuisLovesGoats for posting, @mccurly911 for letting me know this went viral, and @Uber for the awesome employment."

George has even started a GoFundMe page to help him pay for an automatic car because the hills in Seattle are tough on a manual transmission.

George might like a bit of banter in his cab, but safety comes first with a message at the bottom of the note reminding riders to wear their seat belt.

What would you pick if you got into George's car?

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/LuisLovesGoats

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