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Remember Russian Singers, t.A.T.u? Here's What They're Doing Now

Remember Russian Singers,  t.A.T.u? Here's What They're Doing Now

When I think of t.A.T.u, flashes of my childhood just consume me.

I remember absolutely adoring their music (Not Gonna Get Us was definitely my fave), there was just something about how high their vocal range was that absolutely amazed me, but as a young kid I can also recall the massive controversy surrounding the pair.

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For those of you who don't know who t.A.T.u, are, they are two Russian singers formed of Julia Volkova and Lena Katina who made headlines back in 2002 for their 'raunchy' music video for All The Things She Said as it featured the pair kissing in the rain. Compared to the amount of scandalous things we see nowadays, that doesn't really seem like something to go too mad at but alas, times were different back in 2002.

After their debut song, they went on to compete in 2003's Eurovision Song Contest as Russia's entry - and continued to keep up their on-stage antics.

They went on ITV's The Frank Skinner Show in one of their main UK interviews, which you can watch here...


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Steps Have Revealed They're Releasing A New Album

Steps Have Revealed They're Releasing A New Album

Credit: ITV The Frank Skinner Show

They continued to create several albums both in English and Russian until 2011, when the pair decided to call it quits and ended their working relationship, and only re-united for a one-off in 2014 to perform for Russia's Winter Olympics.

Now, Julia is 31 a mum of two, and went on to pursue a solo career. She released 'All Because of You', her solo single in 2011 and also went on to create a shoe range - 'C & C shoes by Julia Volkova'. Earlier this year she revealed she had beaten cancer, but she had been left with significant damage to her singing voice.

Хороших вам всем выходных:hibiscus:
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Lena Katina still continues to sing now after releasing her first mainstream single 'Never Forget' in 2011, which won the MTV Russia 2011 Video Of The Year award.

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She has also appeared in the 2011 film You And I, alongside Mischa Barton. After getting married in 2013, she is now a mum of one and brought out a new song this year, Silent Hills.

Aww, I do love a good trip down memory lane!

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