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Dog Owners Baffled After Discovering What An Undercoat Looks Like

Dog Owners Baffled After Discovering What An Undercoat Looks Like

Equal parts adorable and satisfying.

Pet owners were fascinated after watching one dog groomer's super satisfying TikTok video of a client's undercoat.

Dog lovers who deal with hair shedding all over their house will be well familiar with their pets' undercoats, but many were shocked to learn what the second layer actually looks like.

Watch the video here:

In the clip shared by TikTok user @alsa_chien, the pet groomer uses a vacuum on a very chilled out Akita dog.

The vacuum blows air right past the pooch's top coat and gently blows away its undercoat.

A dog's undercoat can keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter - it's like nature's thermal underwear.

German shepherds, Pomeranians, huskies, Old English sheepdogs, and Malamutes are just some examples of dog breeds that have undercoats.

This Akita dog looked super satisfied with the treatment. (
TikTok/ @alsa_chien)

Dog lovers were captivated by the groomer's video, learning for the first time what their own dogs' undercoats might look like. We'll be honest, we didn't know it looked like that either!

"I never knew what an undercoat was or looked like! Thank you!" commented one TikTok user. "That dog has an entire layer of skin made entirely out of hair," wrote another.

"THAT'S WHAT THE UNDERCOAT IS?????" asked a third.

Others were more engrossed by the Akita's adorable reaction to the undercoat treatment.

"The dog looks so pleased with your work," wrote one viewer.

"Can you imagine how good that has to feel!!?" commented a second.

We don't know what's more satisfying; watching all of that undercoat hair fall away or getting the treatment itself!

Did you know that this is what an undercoat looked like? (

Probably best to stay away from this one if you have pet allergies, though!

Some viewers admitted that even watching the video had their eyes welling up and their noses running.

One TikTok user warned: "Don't do this if you or anyone has pet allergies."

Another wrote: "Just watching this made my allergies act up."

We'll get the tissues!

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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