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Countryfile Viewers Left Red-faced After 'Horrifying' Pig Sex Scene

Countryfile Viewers Left Red-faced After 'Horrifying' Pig Sex Scene

We weren’t tickled pink by this.

If you’re having bacon for breakfast, you may want to avert your eyes now.

Viewers were left taken aback when watching a recent edition of Countryfile, which showed two pigs mating in rather surprising scenes.

You can watch the video below.

Presenter Matt Baker was visiting Yew Tree farm in Bristol to meet Catherine Withers, an experienced pig breeder.

Catherine was preparing to mate Emperor, a 300kg experienced prime pig with pedigree porker Molly, and shortly after the pair were introduced, mating commenced.

Matt and Catherine looked on as the pigs mated, with Catherine joking that it’s “not always gentle to make bacon,” causing the pair both to laugh.

Matt Baker couldn't help laughing (

However, viewers watching at home were aghast by the ‘pig porn’, and took to Twitter to express their surprise.

“Pig porn on the TV and I’m trying to enjoy my pizza with ham on it,” said one Countryfile viewer.

“Countryfile goes classic Animal Farm, pig porn,” laughed a second.

“Pig porn is not what I expected when I put BBC1 on at 6pm.,” complained a third, and a fourth said: “We have reached pig porn on Countryfile. So much funnier than the human kind.”

Some viewers found the scenes a bit much (

Hmmm, we weren’t tickled pig by those scenes…

In other animal news, a German Shepherd has delivered a record breaking litter of adorable puppies.

Three-year-old German Shepherd Unity has welcomed an astonishing 16 pups, the largest litter sight-loss charity Guide Dogs has ever seen throughout its 60-year-old breeding programme.

The amount of puppies may have come to a shock to poor Unity, who is a first-time mum with a now enormous brood.

It was certainly unexpected (

She was bred with Trigger, a six-year-old Golden Retriever who is the Guide Dogs’ most prolific stud dog, having had 27 previous litters and fathered a jaw-dropping 239 puppies.

Unity’s litter is twice the size of an average German Shepherd’s litter, and three times the size of a dog’s litter generally.

You can read more about that here.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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