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Cat Owners Stunned As It 'Says Hello' While Entering Cat Flap

Cat Owners Stunned As It 'Says Hello' While Entering Cat Flap

Everyone say hello to Arthur!

Admit it - we've all dreamt of being able to speak to our pets and have them speak back.

One lucky family in West Yorkshire are living that dream every day thanks to their pet cat Arthur, who says 'hello' every time he comes in through the cat flap.

Watch a clip of Arthur here:

After slinking through the front door's cat flap, Arthur stands in the hallway for a moment before officially announcing himself.

Arthur is the four legged furry friend of Laura Pickard, 35, and Jayne Pickard, 62 - who can be heard calling back to Arthur in the video to welcome him home.

Are we the only ones whose hearts are absolutely melted?

According to Laura and Jayne, Arthur has always been a "very vocal cat" and makes a point to announce his arrival every time he comes home.

Arthur makes sure to announce himself every time he comes home. (
arthurthehellocat / tt)

If his owners don't reply, Arthur will repeat his greeting, getting louder and louder until he hears back from them.

Right, so how do we train our pets to do this?

We know for a fact that Arthur isn't the only pet who has learned to speak to his owners, after one video of a dog saying "I don't know" went viral back in January.

In the video, shared to TikTok by @ivoryguy, the owner is scratching the top of her dog's head when he lets out a long sigh.

When she asks him what's wrong, she clearly isn't expecting her beloved pet to speak back to her.

This video of a dog saying "I don't know" went viral last month. (

The dog then lets out a moan that sounds exactly like the words: "I don't know."

She then looks her pooch dead in the eye and tells him something we've probably all said to our pets at one point: "You know you can talk to me, right? I will not tell a single soul, I promise. I pinky promise."

Can someone put us in contact with a pet whisperer? We urgently need to learn how to speak to our pets like this.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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