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​People Are Revealing What They Did When Their Parents Left Them Home Alone

Mark Cunliffe

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​People Are Revealing What They Did When Their Parents Left Them Home Alone

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Twitter users have been sharing the first thing they did when their parents left them home alone when they were younger and it is safe to say none of us were as extreme as Kevin McCallister.


Of course, Kevin had to rig his home to stop Harry and Marv from burgling them but he still had a lot of fun doing normal stuff like jumping on the beds, going through his brother's stuff and ordering take away.

Let's be honest, the when you're left at home on your own for the first time it is a euphoric moment even though it was just while your parents nipped to the corner shop.


Thirteen-year-old you couldn't believe the freedom, you could eat whatever you wanted without getting caught and be as loud as you wanted.

Although the excitement of being home alone might wear off as you get older, it doesn't mean you can't reminisce about everything you used to get up to.

Twitter user SsssamanthaaMUA has allowed us all to laugh at the things our younger selves would do when given the rare freedom of your whole house.


Samantha asked her followers: "What was the first thing you'd do when your parents left you home alone?"


She then announced that she would "eat the hot chocolate powder", which I'm pretty sure we have all tried to sneak a taste of when our parents weren't looking.

Of course one user accurately pinpointed the first thing we all used to do which was: "wait five minutes to make sure they were gone", well you don't want to rush to the hot chocolate and have them walk in on you pouring it into your mouth.


It seems that most of us took full advantage of not having anyone tell us what we can and can't eat.


One user wrote: "Raid the kitchen, or retrieve my snacks from my hiding place (behind my bed or under my mattress). 10 years later, nothing has changed."

Another added: "I'd drink the coffee creamer my parents used, just drank that shit like it was vanilla milk."

A third user also used the unsupervised time to eat forbidden food. They wrote: "Eat the croutons because my grandma said they were for "salads only" even though the bag said for snacking."

Some users confessed that they would "practice gymnastics on their parents bed" or "cat walk in the hallways wearing their mums heels".

It also sounds like a lot of users would use the opportunity to put on their own concert with them as the headliner (we can't pretend that we didn't do this one).

Wannabe pop stars tweeted: "Listened to music pretending I was in a music video", I became a famous singer, radio on, hairbrush in hand my mums heels on and ding my heart out!"

Although it might not be as extreme as the traps Kevin had to lay it is safe to say that nothing will compare to being 13 and having free roam of your house. Now the only thing we look forward to when being home alone is not having to shut the toilet door.

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Mark Cunliffe
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