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You Can Now Get Paid £2k Per Month To House-Sit A Luxury Ibiza Villa

You Can Now Get Paid £2k Per Month To House-Sit A Luxury Ibiza Villa

*Instantly quits office job and crosses fingers*

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Are you and your BFF sick of the daily grind? Well... we might just have found the ideal job for you.

If you think you'll make a good team at work then you might just be the perfect pair to take on the role of house sitting a luxury villa in Ibiza.

Yes, this a real job and you'll get paid £2,000 each to take it on. Interested?

Firstly, it's important to note that you will have jobs to do while you're there, which include the day-to-day running of the property.

And when the owners are in town you'll need to help host events for guests, mange the diary, cook meals and book appointments as well as social events.

Think of it as a maintenance manager meets PA meets cleaner meets host or hostess with the mostess. But with a stunning backdrop and blazing sunshine built in.

When the owners are out of town, you can stay inside the beautiful villa itself, and make the most of the huge swimming pool, steam room and hot tub. We're sure you'll find time between jobs to lap up some sun.

When you're not working and the family aren't in residence, you can kick back poolside (

When they're back in Ibiza, you can head over to the luxury private two bedroom apartment which is just two minutes away - or you can choose to stay in the smaller property full time if you don't want to go back and forth.

Frankly, we'd 100 per cent be moving into that luxury pad as much as we possibly could if it were us.

And because the couple will pay for your accommodation and travel to and from Ibiza, every penny of your £2k pay cheque (per person) each month can be put straight into your savings, or be spent on drinks and meals in the evenings when you're off-duty.

The family note that you'll have plenty of free time to "explore this fabulous area of Ibiza" at your leisure. Plus, when they are not in residence, you will receive extended holidays - usually in the summer months.

When the couple is in residence you will need to cook for them and help host events (

All they want in return is you to be a couple that communicates well with previous hospitality experience, at least one clean driving license between you, to be organised and have a friendly demeanour.

For £4k between you, the chance to splash around in that fabulous pool and pretend you own that luxe villa when the owners are out of town - we don't think a happy face will be difficult to muster, tbh.

You can apply here - but hurry as the start date is immediate.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash (stock)

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