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You Can Now Buy Laundry Baskets For Clothes You've Only Worn Once

You Can Now Buy Laundry Baskets For Clothes You've Only Worn Once

Saves leaving them piled up high on the floor...

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

You know the score. You're getting undressed after a hard day in the office, or it's 2am and you've just rolled in from a night out with your pals, and the last thing you ever want to do is hang up your clothes.

However, you've only worn your outfit for a few hours and the sniff test has revealed that it is most definitely wearable again.

So where do you put your clothes? On the floor of course. That is, until now...

This Wore It Once laundry bag by 60 Second Makeover Limited is a total game-changer. You've got your washing basket for dirty stuff, drawers and hangers for freshly washed stuff and now a laundry bag that's for items you've only worn for a bit and can totally wear again.

It's a bag you can leave in the corner of your room, so while it's still laying on the floor, it's better and neater than having six tops and two pairs of jeans laying around.

The neutral coloured bag is £15.45 for the large size and £13.45 for a travel size (

It is a genius idea and will cost you just £15.45 for the large size (60cm x 76cm) or £13.45 for the travel size (46cm x 60cm) in an inoffensive neutral colour - you can shop it here.

You can also shop the large size only in black, blue and red for £14.99.

The idea of stuffing a tee and blouse into a bag is so much more appealing than finding a free hanger - you know we're right. It might need to be ironed later but it's ideal for the moments where you're too tired or intoxicated to care.

Then next time you're getting dressed you can have a rummage in your goody bag.

It sounds ideal for messy adults but also teens and uni students who are - whether fairly or unfairly - known for their habit of tossing clothes to the floor.

No more piling your clothes high on a chair (

The bag itself is made from 100 per cent cotton and has a drawstring top to keep everything enclosed and away from your other half's judgmental eyes.

And to top it all off, the neutral bag is offered in a travel sized version, so if you're in a hurry on your way out and you know it's got your fave tee and jeans in, just pick it up and take it with you and you're already packed.

We do love a fun but handy invention.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon

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