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Valentine's Day Heart Liner Has Got Us Crushin’

Valentine's Day Heart Liner Has Got Us Crushin’

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, but if you're groaning, remember it doesn't need to all be about romantic dates and soppy cards - it can simply be all about you and feeling your best self.

Enter: Valentine's Day heart eyeliner. It has us got us seriously crushin' and has absolutely nothing to do with being coupled up. Thankfully.


It simply nods to V-Day with its cute heart designs, but certainly doesn't require a partner - so single gals rejoice.

The trend has been popping up all over Instagram, with people inspired by the time of year to create sleek flicks of eyeliner, decorated with love heart patterns and appliqués.

In dreamy pink and red shades accented with black and white to make the eyes pop, this doesn't exactly look easy, but it looks fabulous.


And luckily for Tyla, beauty blogger CC Clarke fromCC Clarke Beauty was on hand to tell us how to get the look.

She said: "I find it very tricky to draw the intricate heart with liner itself so a tip to create this look would be to draw your winged eye liner on in a block and then use mini little heart decal stickers that you can get from Amazon.

"Stick on with a little bit of lash adhesive onto the winged eye liner or onto the whole eye depending on what look you are creating.

"Another hack to create this look effortlessly would be to get a heart stamp, also found on Amazon.

"You can stamp the hearts on perfectly and then fill them in with different colours and sprinkle some glitter onto them - that's my preference on a simple way to achieve the look".

"Milk also do a cool heart stamp which is available online".

"You don't need to spend hours drawing them on, these hacks should save you time and help you create the look really well"

She added: "It's a fun idea and is something that is simple but effective! I love it because I doubt you could step out of the door without someone commenting on it".

She's certainly right about that - this is a serious look and we can't wait to rock it to celebrate the season of lurveee.

Pair with Netflix and wine for the perfect Galentine's night in.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@mayjoe_1205

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