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The £19 Split-End Serum That Will Give You Your Healthiest-Looking Hair Yet

The £19 Split-End Serum That Will Give You Your Healthiest-Looking Hair Yet

Women are hailing this £19 serum a 'lifesaver' for banishing split ends and leaving them with the healthiest hair ever

Amelia Jones

Amelia Jones

Split ends happen to good people. And whether or not you're over-styling or over-colouring your hair, the daily damage that happens when hair is exposed to the ravages of UV rays, the weather and even time itself can take their toll. So if split ends are taking their toll on your wallet with damage-repairing masks and frequent SOS trips to the salon then this under £20 buy could save your monthly budget, sanity and your hair. And fans want you to know about it.

Virtue Labs

Virtue Lab's Perfect Ending Split End Serum, which promises to reverse hair damage, repair split ends and stimulate growth, is being hailed as a 'superstar' by smitten shoppers, who've awarded it a unanimous 5-star rating.

On the brand's website one shopper's review read: "I love this product. At first glance you may think $40 for this size? But it really makes up for it with how little you need to use because of how well it works. It softens your ends and makes it look like you just got a fresh trim. I give credit to this product after seeing how long my hair has gotten from my ends being protected and mended. Love love love."


Another enthused: "Before trying this product I thought the only fix for my split ends was a trim. Nope! This product works wonders!!"

A third commented: "LOVE this. I put it on sometimes 2x a day, and its a great weightless serum that gives my hair hydration without heaviness. I love knowing that I am protecting my hair from getting more split ends. This won't cure your current split ends, but it's all about prevention! My hair is color [sic] damaged and dry from heat styling and this is a lifesaver."

So what's all the fuss about? The serum contains phytonutrient-rich pea protein to prevent the hair cuticle splitting during heat styling, as well as baobab seed oil and hydrolysed quinoa to deeply moisturise, strengthen and nourish strands and it's gently scented with creamy coconut, yuzu and cypress.

The magic ingredient, though, is Alpha Keratin 60ku. This artificial molecule mimics the human keratin proteins that form the building blocks of your hair and nails.

So how does it work? Turns out it mimics the hair's natural keratin so closely, it's accepted by the hair as a natural extension of itself. That means it's deposited precisely where it's needed to repair trouble spots like split ends and has been clinically shown to restore structural integrity to improve hair health.

All Virtue Labs products are paraben-, sulfate-, phthalate-, colour-, dye-, gluten, and cruelty-free and are safe for colour-treated hair.

Virtue Lab's Perfect Ending Split End Serum is available to buy online at Cult Beauty at £19 for 20ml or £38 for 50ml.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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