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Woman Reveals How She 'Saved' Her Skin Following Five-Year Battle With Acne

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Woman Reveals How She 'Saved' Her Skin Following Five-Year Battle With Acne

A woman who suffered a confidence-knocking battle with acne for five years was so desperate for a solution she even used undiluted Dettol antiseptic as face wash.

Now five years on, she's finally found a good solution and it's changed her life.

Ella Gorton had such severe acne she was left feeling "frustrated, angry, upset and ugly" - something she initially thought was a reaction to an oil-based suncream.

Ella's battle went on for five years (Credit: Caters)
Ella's battle went on for five years (Credit: Caters)

Whilst on a girls holiday at the age of 21, Ella Gorton started to experience severe breakouts which she initially thought were caused by the oil based suncream she was using.

However, after weeks passed and her blemishes persisted, Ella found out that this breakout was in fact the start of a five year battle with severe acne which left her washing her face with antiseptic product Dettol - also used to disinfect homes - in a desperate bid to get rid of her spots.

Whilst Dettol can be used on the skin (mostly for grazes bites and abrasions), it advises on its website not to use it for skin conditions and never to use it undiluted (something Ella did) as it can cause irritation.

She tried every other hack and skincare product she read about, but nothing seemed to work for the make-up artist.



"I tried everything I could to get rid of it - I was washing my face with household items such as Dettol, I also tried an abundance of skincare and antibiotics but nothing worked.

"It made me feel worthless at work; I had to be face-to-face every day doing peoples makeup and I felt as if I wasn't worthy enough. [sic]

"I felt unclean, frustrated, angry, upset and ugly"


It wasn't until she found Roaccutane - a prescription medicine for severe acne - that she found some peace.

Ella felt "ugly" because of her skin but has now found a product that works for her (Credit: Caters)
Ella felt "ugly" because of her skin but has now found a product that works for her (Credit: Caters)

Now 26-years-old, Ella is sharing her story in order to help others who struggle with confidence issues arisen by acne.

Ella, from Manchester, said: "I finally turned to Roaccutane and within a few months my skin started to clear up.


"My confidence came back day by day and I started to enjoy applying makeup again.

"But also I felt a bit of regret that the option of Roaccutane had always been there but I hadn't accepted it sooner and I could have cut out a few years of being miserable."

Ella had always had the option to use the drug, but it is a controversial treatment as it has previously been suggested that it could be linked to suicides, according to The Guardian.

Using Roaccutane has changed Ella's life (Credit: Caters)
Using Roaccutane has changed Ella's life (Credit: Caters)

According to the British Association of Dermatologists, a very rare side affect is "unusual experiences including thoughts of self-harm and suicide" and "reports of patients attempting suicide".

Luckily, Ella has not suffered serious side effects. Any patients who experience these should visit the doctor immediately and stop taking the medication.

Now, as well as documenting her skin care journey on Instagram, she has also started a podcast to give others advice about their skin and help people like herself who have suffered with skin conditions.

She hopes people will gain self confidence and control over their battles.

"I hope that by sharing my story I can help others as I know how hard it is to be positive whilst living with acne."

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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