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Fans Are Hoping Netflix's You Will Crossover With This Popular Show

Fans Are Hoping Netflix's You Will Crossover With This Popular Show

We don't know how we feel about this!

This article contains spoilers for You Season 3

Netflix fans are calling for a You and Emily in Paris crossover after Netflix shared a meme on Twitter.

"Bonjour, Vous," wrote Netflix, alongside four stills of Joe Goldberg and Emily Cooper.

Fans want a crossover (

Ever since Netflix posted, fans have been commenting on the tweet insisting on a You/Emily in Paris crossover.

One person wrote: "This gonna be the craziest crossover we didn’t know we needed."

While another said: "She’s his type."

And a third - mimicking Joe - added: "You walk in with designer clothes... but you’re not happy. I want to know why you’re not happy. I want to know you. A quick look at you at work shows me your coworkers don’t appreciate you, they don’t see you. I see YOU."

Netflix has confirmed You will return for a Season 4 (

And a fourth said: "Where there's love, there's Joe."

A fifth suggested: "Needs to be a scene in both shows where they are at the same cafe. He monologues about her inYou.

"Her friend asks her if she knows that guys staring at her in EIP."

"Emily better be careful there because Joe is in Paris," said a sixth.

Netflix has already confirmed there will be a fourth season of You - so could it end up being in Paris? And would Emily ever feature?!

The first three seasons of the show were adapted by the novels by Caroline Kepnes. However, there's no fourth book, so we're all yet to find out what could be in store in the next instalment.

Meanwhile, Emily in Paris season two is officially landing on Netflix this Christmas (

Meanwhile, Emily in Paris season two is officially landing on Netflix this Christmas. Season one saw Emily whisk through several romances, form new friendships, get fired and rehired, and become entangled in a love triangle with her hunky neighbour Gabriel and her new best friend/his girlfriend, Camille.

So, the first question fans want answers to in season two is - does Gabriel choose Emily or Camille?

We're so excited to binge this!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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