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You Don't Know Me Viewers 'Confused' By Ending Of Series

You Don't Know Me Viewers 'Confused' By Ending Of Series

Some viewers don't know what to make of the finale episode

New BBC drama You Don't Know Me has already been praised by viewers who tuned into the first episode on Sunday night. Keen viewers have even binge-watched the four part drama already via the BBC iPlayer.

However, the ending has left some viewers scratching their heads and well, just a bit 'confused'.

The series concludes with the final scenes in the courtroom, with everyone wondering whether the jury will find main character Hero guilty of murder.

The twisting and turning thriller had viewers on the edge of their seat throughout each episode as they flicked between courtroom scenes and flashbacks to what happened.

The scenes played out to a cliff hanger ending that left some viewers wondering what the ending was - and they were not happy.

The ending left some viewers angry (

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "#YouDontKnowMe WTF sort of ending #Cheers #BBC haha"

And it seems he wasn't the only one.

Another viewer shared their thoughts: "Absolutely a p*** take ending ...why ruin it was so good #YouDontKnowMe"

Some viewers were left confused at the end of the final episode. (

Not all viewers were angry at the conclusion to the BBC thriller, some were just simply confused.

One wrote: "Just binge watched it. The ending. Wasn’t expecting that. Great acting."

Another Twitter user asked: "Watched all of #YouDontKnowMe on iPlayer. Don't know if I've ever been more disappointed with the ending of something! Wtaf? Was he found guilty or not?!"

A third shared their view, writing: "Was soooo good, but really confused with the ending !?!!! - anyone else the same ? What is the real version ?#YouDontKnowMe"

Some viewers thought the series was excellent, and true to the book (

However, some still praised the drama.

One viewer wrote: "Just binged this 4-part series. Sublime. Absolutely loved it. WHAT. AN. ENDING.💥💥💥💥💥"

Another thought the drama stayed true to the original novel: "just finished it. Exciting, moving, complex. True to the book. I loved it."

You Don’t Know Me will continue on Sunday December 12 at 9pm on BBC One, and all episodes are available via the BBC iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: BBC

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