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Why We're All Obsessed With 'Red Jumpsuit Shows'

Why We're All Obsessed With 'Red Jumpsuit Shows'

Kind of want to get a red jumpsuit now.

We all love a good Netflix binge and La Casa de Papel (otherwise known as Money Heist) and Squid Game both have similarities apart from appearing on our watch lists and being huge on the streaming platform. It's actually to do with the fashion choices...

Netflix's twitter has clocked how red jumpsuits have significantly featured in two of streaming platform's biggest shows: "If Squid Game and La Casa de Papel have taught me anything, it's that you really like watching shows that prominently feature red jumpsuits. Noted!".

Netflix may be onto a winning formula here (

Whereas La Casa de Papel is a Spanish heist crime series that won an Emmy for Best Crime Series, Squid Game is a South-Korean thriller where contestants compete in children's games to win prize money and avoid deadly consequences.

Squid Game is set to become Netflix's biggest show with the series already reaching #1 in 90 countries in 10 days from Qatar and Oman to Ecuador and Bolivia. 

It entered the UK Top 10 list on 19th September, and hit the top spot on 25th September, where it has stayed since. Also, as of 28th September, 95 per cent of the show's viewers had been outside of Korea.

You can watch the trailer below:

It turns out there's been a 170.27 per cent surge in searches for "red jumpsuit" in the past month.

But what is it about red jumpsuits specifically that has us lapping these shows up?

Tatiana Aldana, Fashion Stylist at Nasty Gal, explained to Tyla about the allure of this garment.

“It’s clear to see why so many people love red jumpsuits. One of fashion’s most versatile pieces, there’s a style of jumpsuit to flatter every figure. Yes, they’re stylish but they’re also incredibly practical, offering comfort, warmth and the holy grail of women’s clothing - pockets!"

Nasty Gal spoke to Tyla about the allure of the red jumpsuit (

And red helps to bring a whole new layer: "Add the colour red to the mix and you’ve got an effortless statement look that can suit anyone. Red is fashion’s most daring colour - so combining it with an easy-to-wear garment such as a jumpsuit makes it perfect for people who want to be bolder with their everyday look."

Tatiana also linked the look with the upsurge of people loving androgynous fashion.

"We’re seeing a rise in popularity across the fashion world for androgynous styles. So red jumpsuits are a great way for people to begin exploring the trend with more tailored, boilersuit-esque shapes.

What is about red jumpsuits that people love? (

"Androgynous fashion is all about mixing the two extremes - femininity and masculinity. Red jumpsuits do that perfectly by combining a colour known to represent feminine passion and sexuality with a traditionally masculine item of clothing.”

Time to get online shopping and bag myself a red jumpsuit, although hopefully I won't be mistaken for a Squid Game guard.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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