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Fans Of Sex/Life Will Love Netflix's New Movie Trust

Fans Of Sex/Life Will Love Netflix's New Movie Trust

Victoria Justice stars in this erotic thriller as a New York gallery owner who faces exceptional temptations with her husband.

If you have already binged all eight episodes of Netflix's Sex/Life, which has become one of the most talked about shows of the year, we've found your next obsession.

Netflix has just dropped Trust, a brand new erotic drama and judging by the trailer, it looks like a very intriguing watch.

Check out the new trailer below:

Victoria Justice stars as Brooke Gatwick, an art gallery owner who lives in New York with her news anchor husband Owen Doyle (Matthew Daddario).

When two strangers enter their lives, Amy (Katherine McNamara) and Ansgar Doyle (Lucien Laviscount), an up-and-coming Irish street artist known for his erotic paintings of lovers with whom he has previously had rendezvous with, many of whom happen to be married.

Brooke and Owen must face temptation and jealousy when these two strangers grow increasingly close.

Lucien Laviscount stars as Ansgar, an erotic street artist who comes into Brooke's life (
Vertical Entertainment)

Brooke and Angsar have an instant connection, after she hosts his art showcase aptly titled Sexual Truth and the Myth of Infidelity at her newly opened gallery. While Angsar plans to pursue Brooke, she is happily married - for now.

Owen wants the have a romantic trip to Paris with his wife for Christmas but when a big movie star shows interest in Angsar's sexy paintings, Brooke has to fly out to Paris without her husband. And while she's gone she hires Amy to keep a close eye on her husband, who has been receiving texts from a woman named "Sarah."

Katherine McNamara plays Amy who is hired by Brooke to keep an eye on her husband while she's gone (
Vertical Entertainment)

Netflix's Sex/Life has officially taken the world by storm and it's easy to see why fans of the series will also love the juicy drama in Trust.

Inspired by BB Easton's memoir 44 Chapters About 4 Men - the eight-episode series follows mum-of-two Billie (Sarah Shahi) who is thirsty for her former lover Brad Simon (Adam Demos), and reflecting on some of her most wild flings before meeting her husband.

Billie's husband, Cooper (Mike Vogel) eventually reads her diary and he decides to use her diary fantasies as inspiration for their time in the bedroom - learning from her experiences so he can best tick her boxes.

And Brad also re-enters Billie's life, leading to a very dramatic love triangle.

Trust is available to stream on Netflix UK right now.

Featured Image Credit: Vertical Entertainment

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