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This Morning Viewers Sobbing As Paramedics Recall Moment They Were Stabbed On Job

This Morning Viewers Sobbing As Paramedics Recall Moment They Were Stabbed On Job

Two paramedics were interviewed on This Morning about the moment they were stabbed on the job.

Two paramedics appeared on This Morning on Monday where they discussed the traumatic moment they were stabbed on the job.

Deena Evans, 40, and Mick Hipgrave, 52, were both stabbed by 52-year-old Martyn Smith as they tried to enter his property to help him after his mother raised a concern.

Watch a clip from Deena and Mick's interview below:

The incident happened on 6th July 2020 and one year on Smith has been imprisoned for nine years. 

Mick told hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford about the shocking ordeal: “I witnessed Deena being stabbed in the chest by this assailant. He had two large knives in his hand and she actually received two stab wounds to the chest. One was quite serious and one of a minor nature. So during the incident, after she’d been stabbed, I tried to protect her, covered her up and unfortunately he stabbed me as well.”

Deena recalled the call-out felt like "any other job" when they first arrived but when they struggled to enter the property, things soon took a dark turn. “The police had come with us, just to force entry. There were no markers on the address, no violence markers or anything like that. It was like any other job.

"We got there, we were knocking and banging and there was no answer, so you sort of think, ‘Well, we’re going to have to get in because if something has happened we need to get in there fast.’ She [the victim’s mother, who had called for the concern-for-welfare check] said, ‘Please don’t do too much damage to the door, because I’ve got to pay for the damage after.’" 

Both paramedics said they continue to do the job after the stabbing because they love helping patients (

“We took the panels off the front door, I’d already looked through the letterbox and saw that the porch door was shut. As we took the first door off we were all stood in a line, Mick was at the front. When we took the panel off we switched places, which meant I was at the front.

"As we stepped through I said, ‘That porch door has been opened. Somebody is in’, but by that time it was too late as we’d all started to move forwards.”

Mick then grabbed a wheelie bin to make a barricade between them and Martyn which knocked him over. Deena and Mick then escaped to the garden. 

Deena added: “I remember Mick helping to stem the bleeding even though I could feel him bleeding onto me. I was trying to hold his side and he was trying to hold my chest. And then I remember a female police officer - there was so much commotion going on - but I remember grabbing her collar and I remember saying, ‘Please don’t let me die. I’ve got three children.’ At that point I knew I was dying.”

Mick explained that they have both been diagnosed with PTSD from the incident and despite having some bad days over the last 12 months, counselling has helped to improve their mental health. 

He also admitted that there have been times when he considered quitting but decided to stay because he loves helping people.

“There were times when I did consider over the last twelve months if it was right for me, but this is the job I love,” he said. “It’s not a job for me, it’s my life. And I thought to myself, ‘I’m not going to let this man spoil the rest of my life. He’s taken a year of it and I want to go back to the job I love. 

Deena, who is a mother of three children, pleaded for her life (

“I love helping people, that’s why I joined the ambulance service in the first place.”

Emotional Deena agreed: “Same reason, it’s what I do and not all patients are horrible.”

One viewer wrote a touching message to the pair on Twitter. It reads: "You two brought me to tears this morning explaining how you were doing your job and were so horrendously attacked. You did not deserve that. I applaud you both and find you both so brave to go back to the job you obviously both love. Love and hugs."

Another viewer shared: "As I wipe away a tear or two I have to say that I have such HUGE admiration for these these two wonderful people and all those front line workers that put themselves out for US each and every day.

Thank you one and all."

While a third said: "This hurt my heart. Bless them both."

This Morning continues weekdays at 10am on ITV and ITV Hub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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