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This Morning Viewers Lose It Over How Gino D'Acampo Says 'Toad In The Hole'

This Morning Viewers Lose It Over How Gino D'Acampo Says 'Toad In The Hole'

It's a bit saucy!

Fans of flagship ITV show This Morning have been left in stitches as everyone's favourite chef Gino D'Acampo had a little trouble saying 'toad in the hole'.

How did this make it on before the watershed?!

Stunning Phillip and guest presenter Josie Gibson, the star had a much cheekier way of describing the traditional English dinner.

Pointing out that the sausages were baked into the Yorkshire puddings, Phillip argued that the 'hole' element of the title wasn't necessary.

Gino protested, insisting "you sell it as sausage in the hole". At this point, Josie has started to lose her cool, stifling laughter at the chef's naughty remark.

"But there isn't a hole", Phillip argued. "If you're going to sell [...] the dish accurately, that is sausage in batter".

Gino has been playing agony uncle in today's show, leaving fans in stitches. [

Josie could be heard giggling all the way through the exchange, as Gino doubled down.

"No, there is a hole", he said. "I'll show you the hole later".

This comment was enough to finally crack the guest host, as she guffawed "oh no!"

This isn't the first time Gino's made a saucy comment on daytime TV. [

The flirtatious exchange was enough to make Phillip blush, as Gino pointed out "he's [widening] his eyes!"

Viewers found the phrase hilarious, with many taking to Twitter to laugh along.

"@Ginofantastico is literally my favourite human! He's funny, good looking & a great chef... he might just be the almost 'perfect' man", one person said.


"It is toad in the hole. End of!" said a second.

"Gino calling Toad in the hole 'SAUSAGE IN THE HOLE' which he said is perfect food for a hen party! Then telling Phillip he'll show him the hole later! Had no idea daytime TV was like this" another amused viewer Tweeted.

Other fans even decided to share their own names for the staple dish. "@thismorning we've always referred to toad in the hole as frog in the bog", one man said.


Of course, this isn't the first time Gino's made a naughty comment on daytime TV.

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