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This Morning Viewers Baffled By Guest In Love With A Ghost

Joanna Freedman

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This Morning Viewers Baffled By Guest In Love With A Ghost

Featured Image Credit: ITV

This Morning had people in disbelief today, as hosts Dermot O'Leary and Alison Hammond quizzed one guest on her boyfriend Edwardo, who just happened to be a ghost.

Yep, in typical ITV daytime TV style, the guest - singer, Brocarde - joined Dermot and Alison on the sofa to discuss her intimate relationship with the "Victorian soldier".

"I was taking myself back to a time before this all happened, and if someone said, 'oh I'm in love with a ghost, I've been visited by this spirit, I'd be like 'hmm, are you sure?," Brocarde told the hosts.

"I can totally understand how people are skeptical.

"I’ve questioned it a lot because obviously its a bit out there, but I can’t find a logical conclusion". 


Recalling how it all begun, she said: "It was a really strange day, a typical horror movie day.

"I was at home, I'd had one of those horrible days myself, I'd fallen out with one of my friends.

"I was tossing and turning in bed and I literally just felt this burning sensation in my heart out of nowhere.

"Not a pain, it was physical burning and a deep sensation in my chest. It was alarming at the beginning, it was really intense and I was struggling to breathe.

"And then I was propelled forward, I was rigid. I was shaking and in tears and then literally nothing, I went cold.

The guest spoke of her ghostly beau (Credit: ITV)
The guest spoke of her ghostly beau (Credit: ITV)

"I reached over to my bed side table to try and turn the light on and this hand grabbed my arm and threw it back.

"I thought someone was in the house. There was nothing coming out of my mouth but I had tears streaming down my face."

Seconds later, Brocarde alleges she first saw Edwardo, who at this point was nothing more than a "figure passing" through the room. Then he disappeared, uttering the words "I love you," as he went.

Dermot and Alison reacting to the interview (Credit: ITV)
Dermot and Alison reacting to the interview (Credit: ITV)

She claimed their relationship grew from there - with the ghost leaving her love hearts on the window of the shower, breathing in her ear, embracing her, and communicating with her through visions in her head.

"It's been a year and a half now that this presence has been around, and it just got progressively more intense," she said.

"There's almost a jealousy going on."

She cited examples, such as when she was writing a song about another man, and Edwardo would smudge the writing or crumple the paper; and when she was getting ready for a night out, and her lipstick would smudge as she considered meeting a suitor.

During the chat, Dermot also went on to ask if Brocarde was in a monogamous relationship with her ghostly suitor, but clearly realised the absurdity of the question as he said it.

"Sorry, I've drawn a blank," he said with a smirk, while Alison seemed far more receptive to her story.

The TV guest was aware the story sounded unlikely (Credit: ITV)
The TV guest was aware the story sounded unlikely (Credit: ITV)

When asked if she would ever date a human again, she said: "I don't know. I feel like this is going back to the bare bones of what a relationship is.

"When you date a normal person theres all these expectations. Are they going to text back? Are they going to take me for a nice dinner?

"I quite like with this that its just spontaneous, and that he can just appear and make me feel something."

Reacting to the interview, viewers had a lot of thoughts about Brocarde's experience.

"I mean, I can't even get a text back but there's a woman on #ThisMorning who's in a relationship with a ghost called Edwardo.. #singlelife," joked one person after watching the segment.

As another wrote: "How did Dermot and Allison keep a straight face interviewing this woman who's in a relationship with a ghost?#ThisMorning".

A third teased: "To the woman who says she's having an affair with a ghost called [Edwardo] on #ThisMorning I've news for you hun, I saw a guy with the same description going into my neighbour Tracy's house last night. Yes, I think he might be cheating on you."

We wouldn't be winding up Edwardo if we were you guys, he seems like the vengeful type...

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Joanna Freedman
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