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This Morning Fans Praise Alison Hammond As She Gets Into Frozen Lake Live On Air

This Morning Fans Praise Alison Hammond As She Gets Into Frozen Lake Live On Air

Rather you than us, Alison!

Alison Hammond is always a delight on our screens but viewers are loving her on This Morning where she went swimming in a frozen water lake.

As well as it being a horrifying prospect to us, how she handled it and made us laugh is also iconic.

Watch the moment below:

Talking live from Lapland in a sparkly satin bonnet, a red glitzy swimsuit and a black robe with her name emblazoned on it with a crown (of course), viewers saw Alison walk into the water while someone off screen joked "How warm is it?".

Alison met them with a death stare before screaming while she enters the water.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby watched from the This Morning studio along with guest Donny Osmond, applauding her when she fully went into the lake.

Alison then started paddling back after admitting: "That's enough".

Alison took a dip in Lapland on This Morning (

She shrieked about "feeling amazing" before hilariously adjusting her swimsuit and robe, exclaiming: "I'm showing a bit too much juice".

Viewers were so impressed with Alison's achievement and also loved her attitude to the whole thing.

One person wrote on Twitter: "I just love Alison. She makes me laugh so much. She needs her own show! Love her and her energy."

Someone else said they wouldn't be able to do it: "Brr!! Well done Alison..rather than you than me but hats off, must be quite a rush!"

Holly and Phil were cracking up from the studios in London (

"This is where I love Alison out and about rather than in the studio presenting, well done," congratulated another viewer.

One This Morning viewer tweeted: "I will take my hat off to you Alison. There is no way on this earth I would do that. I salute you".

While someone else acknowledged that we're fine walking outside in the cold at the moment: "rather her than me. A walk to the local bus stop's bad enough in the freezing cold."

Alison joked about 'showing off too much juice' when she climbed out of the lake (

But people were still taken with Alison's TV appearance: "the queen of daytime telly".

Another person agreed with Alison's greatness: "The issue with This Morning is everything about it that isn't Alison Hammond".

There was even a viewer who would agree to do it if Alison was by their side: "I want to go swimming with Alison Hammond".

Well done Alison but we will definitely NOT be joining you in the water!

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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