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The Unforgivable Star Aisling Franciosi Explains Twist And Final Scene Amid Fan Backlash

The Unforgivable Star Aisling Franciosi Explains Twist And Final Scene Amid Fan Backlash

The film is available to stream on Netflix now.

This article contains spoilers for The Unforgivable...

If you've already watched The Unforgivable on Netflix, you'll know it's seriously gripping with a major twist at the end.

Now, the movie's Aisling Francios (who plays older Katie and also starred in The Fall).

Speaking to Insider about the moment Katie and Ruth (Sandra Bullock) reunite at the end of the film, Aisling said: "That's part of what makes it really quite beautiful — that despite the fact that you don't see that much of them together, older Katie and Ruth, they are so connected.

"It just underscores the fact that when you have these bonds with people in your life who mean something to you, even with distance, even with time, they can still stay so strong."

Aisling spoke out about the final moments of the movie (

The movie dropped on Netflix earlier this month and follows Ruth Slater who has been released from prison after serving 20 years for murdering a sheriff.

Ruth only attacked the law enforcer after he had come to evict her and her five-year-old sister Katie, as they pair were living in squalid conditions following the death of their father.

Now free, Ruth is trying to find Katie who has since been adopted and has no memory of Ruth - apart from fleeting memories of an older woman in her life.

At the end of the movie, viewers learn that it wasn't Ruth who shot the sheriff, but actually Katie, who had picked up her sister's gun and fired the trigger.

Katie has no recollection, and Ruth never tells her what really happened.

The pair reunite at the end (

Earlier this week, we told you how some viewers were confused by Ruth's decision, with Reddit users debating why Ruth would take the blame for the crime committed by her sister, who would face less harsh consequences because she was a child at the time. You can read more on that here.

Aisling added that she still wonders what would have happened between Katie and Ruth, explaining: "I do sometimes wonder what happens after the movie ends. Does anyone tell Katie the truth or not? But in terms of how I played that moment, it was actually fine, because Katie doesn't know that's what happened, and she doesn't find out over the course of the movie either."

You can catch the film on Netflix now.

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