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The Santa Clause Fans Are Losing It Over This NSFW Deleted Scene

The Santa Clause Fans Are Losing It Over This NSFW Deleted Scene

The scene was supposedly removed from the movie for being a little too inappropriate.

Did you know The Santa Clause once featured a very rude scene, which was removed from the movie?

Fans are only just realising it exists, with one fan taking to Reddit to post a clip of the scene.

You can watch the moment below:

In the clip, Laura is dropping Charlie off at Scott's for Christmas, when she passes him Neil's mum's phone number in case of emergencies.

"Here's Neil's mother's number," she says, handing it to Scott.

Being sarcastic, Scott reads the number as '1-800-SPANK-ME', adding: "I know that number!"

The Redditor explained: "The Santa Clause (1994) had a joke where Tim Allen sarcastically reads a phone number as 1-800-SPANK-ME removed from the DVD and future releases."

Some people in the thread claimed the scene had to be removed because the phone number actually belonged to someone, while others claimed kids watching the film started repeatedly ringing the number.

"Wasn’t it because there was a 1-800 number that matched that?" One wrote on the forum.

While another person added: "Because supposedly it was a real number?"

Laura passes Neil the number (

In case you need a recap, The Santa Clause is about an ordinary man (played by Tim Allen) who accidentally causes Santa Clause to fall from his roof on Christmas Eve. After completing Santa's deliveries, he and his son travel to the North Pole where he is told he must now become the new Santa. While he doesn't want to be Santa, Scott soon realises he has no choice...

Earlier, we told you how one fan has come up with an interesting theory about the elves in The Santa Clause films.

Writing on Reddit, one fan claimed the elves don't age based on how many years they've lived, but on their seniority within the workshop.

The Santa Clause stars Tim Allen (

You can read more about the theory here.

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