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The Santa Clause Fans Share Interesting Theory On Elves

The Santa Clause Fans Share Interesting Theory On Elves

Could this be true?

The Santa Clause fans have shared a fascinating theory about the film's elves - and it actually makes a lot of sense.

Writing on Reddit, one fan claimed the elves don't age based on how many years they've lived, but on their seniority within the workshop.

Fans have a theory about the elves (

"In the first Santa Clause, the elf Judy says she’s over 1,200 years old (that’s how long it took to perfect her hot cocoa recipe), yet she looks like a human child," the Redditor began.

"However, Curtis looks like a full grown man in The Santa Clause 3, despite being a normal kid-looking elf in 2.

"Why is this? Obviously irl it’s because the actor aged. But there may be a fictional answer too."

The fan went on to explain that Bernard and Curtis look the oldest, because they have the highest rank, and used Star Trek as a metaphor to explain the argument.

"Bernard is the oldest looking elf, and he’s also the highest ranking elf," they said. "If Santa is Captain Kirk, then Bernard is basically Spock, who’s second in command most of the time and is the leader whenever Santa is busy, on vacation or dead.

Fans think the elves age by seniority (

"In the Santa Clause 3, Curtis moved up the command structure due to his tech genius, so that’s why he and Bernard are the oldest looking elves because they have the highest rank."

In case you need a recap, The Santa Clause is about an ordinary man (played by Tim Allen) who accidentally causes Santa Clause to fall from his roof on Christmas Eve. After completing Santa's deliveries, he and his son travel to the North Pole where he is told he must now become the new Santa. While he doesn't want to be Santa, Scott soon realises he has no choice...

The Santa Clause stars Tim Allen (

Other fans agreed with the Reddit theory, while one questioned how Santa fits into the ageing process.

"I like it. I guess Santa always looks the oldest because he's always in command? Although he's not an elf so maybe the rule wouldn't apply to him," they wrote.

And another responded: "Yeah I figure since Santa is an immortal human he stays adult. Although he does get white hair and a beard when the sanctification finishes… so you may be onto something."

Hmmm, what do you think?

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