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This Is Officially The Most Underrated Christmas Movie On Netflix

This Is Officially The Most Underrated Christmas Movie On Netflix

You must watch it ASAP!

Netflix has established a reputation for serving the most bingeable - often cheesy - but always enjoyable Christmas movies. 

While there are many classics, like The Princess Switch, The Christmas Chronicles, Jingle Jangle or Holidate, there’s always one or two that slips under the radar.

Let us take you back to the year 2019. Viewers were still shook after seeing Vanessa Hudgens play both Queen Margaret and Stacy in 2018's The Princess Switch.

And as fans waited for the follow-up, Vanessa starred in a highly underrated Christmas film for Netflix, that doesn't seem to get as much love.

Allow us to introduce you to The Knight Before Christmas.

Watch the original trailer below:

In this time traveling, festive rom-com, a 14th century knight Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) is transported to 2019 by a witch so he can finish his quest before Christmas so he can become a ‘true knight’.

Just like every movie character who has ever been sent into the future, he doesn’t understand 21st century life, which is totally understandable.

He finds himself in a small town in Ohio where teacher Brooke Winters (Vanessa Hudgens) hits him with her car.

Vanessa Hudgens plays a teacher (

But fear not, the pair soon hit it off after she invites him to her house to recover, believing that Sir Cole thinks he’s a knight because of the blow to the head from the accident. 

As the real-life knight becomes accustomed to living in the modern day, he travels around town performing good deeds with the hope that each one will help him complete his quest before Christmas. 

Of course, he talks in medieval tongue, too, which Brooke, and her family, find more than a little confusing at first.

Sir Cole is a fish out of water in the year 2019 (

Once she teaches him about modern phenomena, like digital radios and 21st century clothing, it's not long before he's slotting right into her life and she develops a soft spot for him too.

Critics appreciated this festive tale, giving it a 70 per cent score on Rotten Tomatoes, helming it "endearing and charming".

And almost two years after it dropped fans are still begging for a sequel to the cult Christmas flick.

One person said: "So we watched The Knight Before Christmas on Netflix just out of humorous curiosity and y’all that movie took my heart LIKE HOW DARE A CHEESY HOLIDAY MOVIE HIT ME IN THE FEELS I AM".


Another viewer asked: "When are we getting The Knight Before Christmas 2? I need to know what happens to Sir Geoffrey Alexander Edward Lyons! @VanessaHudgens".

A third wrote: "The Knight Before Christmas is easily one of the best love stories/christmas movies that netflix has produced in the last 5 years".

As we all know, the Netflix Christmas queen Vanessa went on to star in The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again and The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star.

But we urge you to give this time-hopping tale some love this festive season too.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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