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The Guilty: Fans Are Calling Jake Gyllenhaal's Netflix Thriller The 'Best Film Of The Year'

The Guilty: Fans Are Calling Jake Gyllenhaal's Netflix Thriller The 'Best Film Of The Year'

Jake Gyllenhaal has wowed viewers with his latest action flick.

With the winter cold snap now kicking in (we can’t be the only ones burrito’d up in blankets right now) there’s no better way of spending an evening than cuddling up with some Netflix.

And the streaming service has absolutely loads to offer right now – as well as hugely binge-able series such as Squid Game and Maid, there’s some brilliant films to catch up on – including The Guilty.

Watch a trailer below.

A remake of the 2018 Danish film of the same name, The Guilty stars Hollywood heartthrob Jake Gyllenhaal as troubled police detective Joe Baylor, who finds himself forced to overseeing 911 operator duty. When he receives a call from a highly distressed caller, Joe finds himself having to scramble to save them – while a series of other revelations come to light.

It’s an intense thriller, with almost the entirety of the action based in just one room – and fans lapped it up.

The Guilty has been praised by fans (

Taking to Twitter to praise The Guilty, one fan wrote: “This is my kinda movie..1 hr 30min and blood pressure rising from the start.”

“The fact that you don’t actually see what’s going on but experience the events solely through telephone calls and Jake Gyllenhaal’s acting is incredible and intense!” a second person said about the film.


Scenes from the film were described as 'intense' (

A third passionate fan chipped in: “If you haven’t seen Netflix’s The Guilty, you’re sleeping on one of the best films of the year. An edge-of-your-seat thriller with superb big-name voice acting and a tour de force performance by Jake Gyllenhaal who is literally in an office the whole movie. 9/10.”

“Wow. Edge of your seat thrill ride. Jake Gyllenhaal is the man!” said a fourth.

“This was excellent,” said a fifth.

Wow, guess we know what we’re watching for our next movie night!

One fan called it the film of the year (

Thrill-seekers looking for more Netflix to sink your teeth into should also try There's Someone Inside Your House, which has just dropped on the streamer.

The follows the tale of a teenager, Makani Young (played by That’s So Raven’s Sydney Park) who transfers from Hawaii to Nebraska. She later finds herself in the centre of several gruesome murder cases, just as the countdown to graduation begins.

Looks as if spooky season is well and truly in full swing…

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