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PSA: The Guilty Is A Remake Of A 2018 Movie

PSA: The Guilty Is A Remake Of A 2018 Movie

Netflix’s latest thriller is a remake of the 2018 Danish film of the same name.

With the weather outside getting increasingly chilly, many of us are forgoing the usual after-work drinks for a good old night in on the sofa.

One of the things we’ve tuned in to while we’ve stayed in is The Guilty, Netflix’s brand new thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

Watch the trailer below.

The nail-biting drama sees a disgraced detective (Gyllenhaal) demoted to a 911 operator, where he suddenly gets a call that sees shock revelations that send him into a spin.

Netflix viewers have lapped the film up, going as far to call it "one of the best films of the year."

However, some fans have been left floored that the film is a remake of a Danish film of the same name – which was critically acclaimed and even submitted to the 81st Oscars ceremony to be shortlisted as Best Foreign Language film.

The film is based on a Dutch film of the same name (
Magnolia Pictures)

The film was released in 2018, with production company Nine Stories and Jake Gyllenhaal buying the American film rights.

Netflix also bought the distribution rights to The Guilty last year, for an impressive $30 million.

But despite it having already had an established audience during its initial release, Gyllenhaal was thrilled to make the role his own.

“I just love the whole idea that at a certain point, the movie required a deep imagination from the audience that challenges your perception of who was calling in, what they looked like, just because of how they sounded, were they, this person, that person, who were they? “ he said in an interview.

Jake was fascinated by the film's concept (

“To me, it just challenged all the things we’re so used to seeing. We’re so used to seeing everything. We’re shown everything in movies at this point. The frame is packed with stuff and the more, the better. I just felt like the story was so strong that you could rely on it completely.

“All I had to do is really sit there and listen. I just loved that idea. It was about listening, not just the audience listening, but the characters, too.”

Looks like this gripping thriller is next up in our watch list!

The Guilty is available to stream on Netflix. 

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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