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Channel 4's The Dog House Is Casting Wannabe Pup Owners For A New Series

Channel 4's The Dog House Is Casting Wannabe Pup Owners For A New Series

Tempted about giving a pup it's forever home? Channel 4 is looking for you!

Toying with the idea of getting your very own dog? Well we may have just the thing for you.

Channel 4 are looking for soon-to-be pup parents who are thinking about rehoming a rescue dog for their upcoming series The Dog House.

The Dog House helped rescue pups before (
Channel 4)

The warm-hearted series works closely with Wood Green, The Animals Charity in Cambridgeshire that specialises in matching their host of rescue dogs with what their owners are looking for.

The Dog House documents this process, getting to know the characters and histories of our gorgeous rescue pups as well as the huge variety of people who are looking to love their very own canine companion.

The Dog House works with a Cambridgeshire animal charity (
Channel 4/Wood Green)

Each episode will see the gorgeous pooches and their new owners start to build relationships and bonds that are bound to bring even the most cold-hearted person to tears.

In previous series, we found that there were many reasons people might be considering bringing a dog into their life – loneliness, extra company for a child, to encourage exercise, to live in the moment more, to name a few.

We are a nation obsessed with dogs. The coronavirus pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns so people across the country seek out their little fur baby to call their own. Statistics show over 3.2 million homes got pets during last year, with one in four adults admitting to impulse buying a pandemic puppy.

Pandemic puppies were popular in lockdown (

However, there's thought to be a worrying trend that pandemic puppies may be abandoned after lockdown restrictions eased, with many people left blindsided by the amount of time and energy that goes into raising a dog while also juggling it with a full-time career and a social life.

In more disturbing news, a study by pet wellness experts Itch discovered that more than a third of the Brits who bought or adopted a dog during the pandemic had never taken them to the park - raising concerns that dogs may not be properly socialised and therefore more difficult to look after once life returns to the 'old' normal.

The show is casting for season 2 (
Channel 4)

Remember, a puppy is for life, not just a pandemic.

If you're looking to apply, please click the link here for more information.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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