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How Love Island's Faye And Teddy Defied The Haters As They Move Into Dream Home

How Love Island's Faye And Teddy Defied The Haters As They Move Into Dream Home

Teddy and Faye have just moved into a new pad in London.

They had plenty of ups and downs on the show, but Love Island's Faye Winter and Teddy Soares have silenced critics after they moved into their swanky new home this week.

When the couple, both 26, had that explosive argument during this year's Love Island, many were concerned there'd be no coming back for the pair.

The couple have just moved in together (
Faye Winter/Instagram)

It all kicked off after Casa Amor. The girls had been sent a postcard, which featured a snap of Teddy kissing Clarisse during a game. Unaware of the context, Faye decided to couple up with new lad Sam.

And our hearts were shattered when Teddy - who had slept on the day bed the whole time - walked in alone, clutching Faye's cuddly Lady toy.

Things went from bad to worse a few days later when, during the movie challenge, the group were shown a clip of Teddy flirting while in Casa Amor. Let's just say it didn't go down too well, and Faye erupted into an argument, in what was one of the most explosive and toxic rows in Love Island history.

The row was pretty explosive (

The scene received over 25,000 complaints to Ofcom, the #FreeTeddy hashtag was born online, and Faye's family were forced to remind her newly amassed Instagram followers to 'be kind'.

"Faye is human, she may not always get things right," they wrote.

"We ask that everyone please remember this before commenting or messaging. We make no apology for turning off comments, blocking and deleting to protect the mental wellbeing of ourselves and Faye when she comes out. We would encourage anyone struggling to do the same thing.We hope that we can all get back to enjoying the show together from now on."

Faye later apologised for her behaviour both to Teddy during the show and on the outside.

She told Christine Lampard on Lorraine: "I haven't watched it back. We were living it, we were in the moment, we know exactly what happened and obviously it's not nice for anyone to see.

"I'm embarrassed, I've apologised on more than one occasion and we're over it as a couple and it made us stronger. It's such a shame it's been such a big part of the show."

But it seems the pair have now turned a corner. The couple revealed on Instagram this week that they had finally moved into their new dream home, after months of searching.

The couple first revealed they would be moving in together back in September, just weeks after Love Island ended.

The couple first revealed they would be moving in together back in September (
Faye Winter/Instagram)

"HOME🏠 We are so lucky to be able to share this amazing journey together and with you all! We have lots of work to do and can’t wait to show you everything along the way!" Said Faye.

"We’ve spent the last few days enjoying this step in a bubble just us two but now we can’t wait to show you everything!"

And long standing fans are mega happy for the couple.

One person commented: "Believed in you guys from the start and look how far you’ve come."

And another added: "So happy for you two! What a joy to watch you overcome so much and begin to build a life together. My forever faves."

While a third wrote: "I’m bursting. So happy for you two!!! My very favourite couple!!!"

Another added: "I would think about you guys posting stuff like this 4 months ago, it’s so weird now that it’s a reality 😭🥺 wholesome."

Aw, we're so pleased for these guys!

Featured Image Credit: Faye Winter/Instagram

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