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People Are Saying Netflix’s Squid Game Is ‘Haunting Their Dreams’

People Are Saying Netflix’s Squid Game Is ‘Haunting Their Dreams’

What on earth have we just watched?

If you’re looking for a drama that’s set to mess with your mind, then look no further than Netflix’s new series, Squid Game.

The Korean-language drama sees hundreds of debt-driven contestants invited to take part in a series of children’s games – but it’s not fun, silly hijinks as these high-stakes carry deadly risks.

Watch the trailer below.

Honestly among one of the most haunting trailers we’ve ever seen, a mysterious group of games-masters supervise the games, which soon become scenes of desperation and blood spatter.

Winners of all six ‘games’ on offer will receive a “handsome” amount of money (a staggering 45.6 billion won, which equals to £28,155,128 in British money) – and managed to have gotten through the children’s torture chamber alive, of course.

Think of it as The Hunger Games meets your childhood break time, only with more sadism.

The contestants are forced to play childhood games (

Naturally a show with such a haunting premise has been lapped up by viewers, who have found themselves disturbed if not enthralled by the series.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “Squid Game is haunting my dreams I had to wake up and turn on Lilo and Stitch,” asserting their need to watch something less terrifying.

A second added: “Squid Game was haunting mainly because they’re talking about actual humans and their selfishness/greed and I honestly think that’s why it was creepy. It was accurate in so many ways.”

"Just finished Squid Game and nothing seems real to me now,” said a third.

These playground games get deadly (

However, most viewers have lavished praise on the series, and can’t wait for season two to be announced.

“I just watched the whole of Squid Games in one day it was amazing,” enthused one fan.

A second wrote: “Squid Game is actually fire.”

Squid Game on Netflix is insane!” said a third.

Guess we know what we’re watching this week…

Squid Game is available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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