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Squid Game Fans Are Just Realising The True Colour Of Guard’s Suits

Squid Game Fans Are Just Realising The True Colour Of Guard’s Suits

Are they red? Are they pink?

Netflix's hit series Squid Game is all anyone can talk about right now and just when you think you've seen all the juicy fan theories, another one pops up unexpectedly.

As well as the valiant 456 players who are out to win billions of won, there are the frightening guards who oversee the games, and keep an eye on the players when they're locked up in their cells.

Now a fierce debate has erupted on social media - and this time, it's not about the guard's identity or their backstory, it's about the actual colour of their infamous suits.

Some fans claim the jumpsuits are red, whereas others argue they're pink. Anyone else getting flashbacks to the white and gold versus blue and black dress?

Several Reddit threads have been created by fans to decide once and for all. One person posted a poll with the question: "Are the minions jumpsuits pink or red? My girlfriend swears it's red, but its pink, right?”

Squid Game fans are debating the colour of the guards' suits (

Commenters were conflicted. "They're red," said one response confidently. "There's a filter effect thing that make them look pinkish. Source: watch behind the scenes on YouTube."

However other Reddit users, who also watched clips from behind the scenes, disagreed with this notion. One commenter referenced the song "Pink Soldiers" from the show's official soundtrack as proof the guards are in fact pink. "I watched the behind the scenes and they're still pink in those shots, so not sure where you're getting the 'filter makes them pink' from, they're pink both in the show release and behind the scenes."

They added: "Furthermore there's a song on the show's soundtrack that's called 'Pink Soldiers' that plays when the guards come on screen. That pretty much confirms it."

Not only were some people claiming the guard's suits were pink, one Reddit user even suggested the tracksuits the players wear are not green. "I voted red, just like the paper square subway game had red cards. Tracksuits are blue, even though many are saying green."

Squid Game fans voted to decide the colour of the suits (

The poll finished with pink being the most voted option.

The debate has also spilled over onto TikTok, one of the top sources for a Squid Game scoop. In a video shared by a TikToker Joshua Ruan, some fans in the comments thought filming for season 2, which has not been confirmed, was well underway. Joshua filmed what looked like the guards walking around an unconfirmed location wearing what he called "pink suits", which called quite a ruckus.

“Pink? I thought they were red,” one shocked fan wrote.

While another unconvinced fan declared: “THEY ARE NOT PINK THEY ARE REDDD.”

Some fans believe the suits are red while others see pink (

Thankfully, we have an answer. Not only does the song "Pink Soldiers" on the soundtrack confirm the correct colour of the suits, series production designer Chae Kyoung-sun provided some much needed confirmation. When speaking about the show’s “mint green and pink” colour scheme with Variety, he said: “The participants are wearing a green tracksuit, which is the most common colour for a school tracksuit in Korea, while the masked staff are wearing a pink jumpsuit. This colour contrast also carries a double meaning to portray the brutal world.”

There's the answer folks!

Squid Game is available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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