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Squid Game Fans Spot Identity Clue In Tug Of War Scene

Squid Game Fans Spot Identity Clue In Tug Of War Scene

Can't believe we didn't clock this!

Squid Game is now one of Netflix's biggest shows ever and fans have been analysing every detail after surprise twists in the final episodes.

One fan also noticed a massive clue in the tug of war game that pointed towards the secret identity of one of the characters.

Watch the clip below to spot the clue:

Viewers clocked this give away when looking at the locks on the straps of all the players.

The locks were meant to ensure that the players would follow the rope in the steep drop to the ground if they lost the tug of war game.

However, Oh Il-nam AKA Player One doesn't appear to have locks on his wrist straps, meaning he should be able to escape the cuffs more easily than his fellow players. This would suggest his life was being protected more than the others, due to his status as a secret VIP in the games.

Player One gave us a major plot twist in the final episodes (

Squid Game fans were going wild in the comments after this revelation.

One TikTok user exclaimed their relief of possibly finding an answer to a question they'd been wondering: "I ALWAYS WONDERED HOW HE WOULD SURVIVE IF THEY LOST".

Another expressed the feeling of betrayal they had when finding out Player One's true identity: "Me who wasted tears for that old man".

A detail in the tug of war game was a huge giveaway (

Others weren't as excited by the spot, saying that it was largely irrelevant due to Il-nam's motivations in the show.

One person commented: "Spoiler alert I was wondering what would've happened if he died in the games but I guess he wouldn't care because the whole point was to have fun".

Someone else tried to put it plainly for the rest of the people watching the video: "You guys are not getting the old man. He was ready to die. He's been a VIP all his life, he wanted excitement and he was ready to die in the games."

Player One had a solid strategy for the tug of war game (

There were also other viewers who said there were tell-tale signs from the start, referring to Il-nam's apparent joy when playing the first game: "You can just tell something's off with him by how happy he was playing red light green light".

Tbh, we're still recovering from that plot twist.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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