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Squid Game Fans Spot Hidden Detail In Bunker

Squid Game Fans Spot Hidden Detail In Bunker

Did you notice this too?

Warning: spoilers for Squid Game

Netflix viewers have been absolutely lapping up Squid Game. The show is a South-Korean drama that sees hundreds of contestants compete against one another in a series of children's games in a bid to win money and pay off debts.

But things take a dark turn when losers of each game face deadly consequences...

At the beginning, when the bunker is filled with the beds of the contestants, we can't see much past the stacked beds. However, markings on the wall do peek through the bars and they're not purely decorative.

Watch the clip below to see if you can see what they mean:

That's right, as the walls become slowly more and more revealed to us and the contestants, they also appear to expose what the upcoming games are.

We see simplistic, stick man drawings of the games that soon take place including Red Light, Green Light, Honeycomb, Tug of War, Glass Hopping, Three At The Table and finally Squid Game.

The walls are at first hidden by the beds in the bunker (

Viewers have been going wild with the theories, including one claiming that some of the Squid Game players are actually related. (And tbh, we're kind of convinced...)

People have also been sharing how the show affected them after watching.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “Squid Game is haunting my dreams I had to wake up and turn on Lilo and Stitch,” asserting their need to watch something less terrifying.

A second added: “Squid Game was haunting mainly because they’re talking about actual humans and their selfishness/greed and I honestly think that’s why it was creepy. It was accurate in so many ways.”

The drawings show what the players can expect to endure (

"Just finished Squid Game and nothing seems real to me now,” said a third.

However, most viewers have lavished praise on the series, and can’t wait for more.

“I just watched the whole of Squid Games in one day it was amazing,” enthused one fan.

A second wrote: “Squid Game is actually fire."

“Squid Game on Netflix is insane!” said a third.

Have you got any theories about the show as we await season two?

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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