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Fans Of Netflix's Squid Game Spot Theory About Players

Fans Of Netflix's Squid Game Spot Theory About Players

This is so clever.

Squid Game fans, prepare for your minds to be blown.

Some people who have already binged all of Netflix’s genre-bending horror-drama have come up with a theory about who gets chosen to be a player, and who’s a worker in the deeply disturbing playground games.

Taking to TikTok, one user who goes by the handle @lucy.what1 has shared her theory – and according to her, it all depends on the colour card the people picked then they’re approached.

Watch the video below.

Lol guys, I have another theory,” she wrote.

“He asks him [Seong Gi-hun] to choose a colour. He chooses blue, and wakes up as a player.

“What if he had chosen red?”

At the point in her theory, we see how all the players are wearing blue boilersuits, and how all the workers in the game are in red jackets – meaning she’s suggesting that if Seong Gi-hun had picked the red colour, he could have very well been a worker.

We told you it’s clever!

Squid Game fans have a theory about the workers (

And it appears that @lucy.what1 has done some legwork to see the theory stands up, adding that every single player we saw picked blue.

Naturally, Squid Game fans on TikTok have lapped up the fan theory, with one person writing: “That makes sense! Because as we can tell from the few scenes that the workers are just normal people too, probably in debt like the players.”

A second added: “That makes so much sense! And the red people probably had rules they had to stick too as well, they only acted that way because they didn’t want to die!”

“That explains why that boy took his mask off,”said a third. “He was so young!”

And others believe this theory could be what paves the way for a second season of Squid Game, particularly after Seong Gi-Hun dyes his hair red in the final episode.

“What if he joins the next game as a worker, and sabotages the game to save people?” one person suggests.

“That’s why he dyed his hair red at the end!” a second person said.

For those of you who haven’t seen Squid Game, the Korean-language drama follows a number of people who are in a significant amount of debt to win millions.

Squid Game is an odd series that has people hooked (

All they have to do is play a series of playground games from their childhood – but this time, they have a deadly twist.

It’s been compared to The Hunger Games mixed with Black Mirror and is quickly building in popularity.

You can watch all episodes on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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