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Sexy Beasts: New Masked Dating Show Lands On Netflix On Wednesday

Sexy Beasts: New Masked Dating Show Lands On Netflix On Wednesday

The Netflix show - which is basically a cross between the Masked Singer and First Dates - is finally here.

Remember Sexy Beasts? The show was all the rage when it aired on the BBC  seven years ago, and now it's back in a brand new, sparkling new form on Netflix.


Yep, if you like your dating shows weird and wonderful then this is the programme for you. It's essentially a mashup of First Dates and The Masked Singer, the idea being that people wear masks and elaborate prosthetics on their dates so that their inner beauty shines through.

Oh, and so that we get a laugh, obviously.

The show is airing on Netflix from Wednesday (21st July) so if you're looking for a fun new show to binge then this might be the one.

When Netflix shared the trailer online last month, it's fair to say people were a little, err... spooked.

"Am I on drugs," said one person, sharing a picture of a man dressed as a walrus.


While another shared a meme which read: "Mom come pick me up I'm scared".

A third joked: "Imagine someone fancying you as a wildebeest but then changing their mind when they see you as a human beest. So upsetting."


Sexy Beasts originally aired on BBC Three in 2014, and the concept is basically the same.

After going on a masked date, the elaborate face coverings and prosthetic make-up is removed and the singletons make a decision whether to see each other again or go their separate ways.

The new series was filmed during the coronavirus pandemic - between September and November last year - with around 50 singletons from the US and UK taking part in the reboot.

Sexy Beasts originally aired on BBC Three in 2014 (
BBC Three)

And Netflix obviously has faith it's going to be a banger, as it has ordered two seasons of the show - which features narration from comedian and Catastrophe star Rob Delaney.

This show looks ridiculous and incredible all at the same time.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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