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Netflix Release Shocking Statistics For Amount Of People Who Rewatched 'That' Sex/Life Scene

Netflix Release Shocking Statistics For Amount Of People Who Rewatched 'That' Sex/Life Scene

You filthy animals!

Okay, it’s time to ‘fess up – who rewatched that scene in Sex/Life? You know what one we’re talking about.

Well, according to Netflix, at least 20 million of us watched the steamy shower moment more than once.

You filthy animals!

The streaming giant dropped the statistics to reveal the hugely raunchy drama has been renewed for a second season.

The steamy season is based on a true story. Inspired by BB Easton's memoir 44 Chapters About 4 Men - Sex/Life follows mum-of-two Billie (Sarah Shahi) who is thirsty for her former lover Brad Simon (Adam Demos), and reflecting on some of her most wild flings before meeting her husband.

Billie's husband, Cooper (Mike Vogel) eventually reads her diary and he decides to use her diary fantasies as inspiration for their time in the bedroom - learning from her experiences so he can best tick her boxes.

Sex/Life went viral for its sex scenes (

Brad also re-enters Billie's life, leading to a very dramatic love triangle.

Easton's book was written like a diary and follows a school psychologist and mother of two who starts exploring her fantasies through her writing.

Sex/Life was an instant hit when it dropped on Netflix earlier this year, with many viewers taking to Twitter to discuss the frequent and rampant sex scenes.

It was one scene in particular in episode three that got the nation talking.

People were left stunned after Brad jumps into the shower fully naked after a gym sesh - with his sizeable appendage on full display (no wonder Billie's been so wistful).

Sex/Life's Adam Deacon sparked an interest (

Yep, it’s no surprise we rewound that moment repeatedly.

While some people believed there was some camera trickery to make Brad’s manhood look bigger, Daily Mail Australia is pleased to report that actor Adam Demos really is that big.

Australian radio personality Em Rusciano spilled the tea on the issue on Instagram DM's, after several women from Adam's hometown of Wollongong, Australia messaged her to insist the peen is the real deal.

All in all, Netflix reported 67 million households tuned in to the sexy series.

We wonder what may be going viral in season two…

Sex/Life is available to stream on Netflix.


Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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