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Sex Education: The Twins That Fans Are Obsessed With Are Related To A Main Character

Sex Education: The Twins That Fans Are Obsessed With Are Related To A Main Character

How did we not spot this before?!

With each passing day, Sex Education fans are finding out the most mind-blowing facts about the hit Netflix show. Now, viewers are just starting to realise the twins are related to a main character IRL.

Cal Petrie has posted pictures from behind the scenes of season 3 (

Who could it be? If you guessed Mr Groff, you’re absolutely correct. 

As expected, Sex Education superfans now want to know everything about them and more about their unexpected family connection.

Firstly, their real names are Cal and Brodie Petrie, 18, and their famous TV dad is Alistair Petrie, 50, best known as Michael Groff. 

Mr Groff was the stick and often angry headmaster of Morale Secondary School. 

Fans are just finding out Mr Groff is related to the twins IRL (

Adam Groff (played by Connor Swindells) is his son on the show and the pair have a tense relationship after living under his father’s strict rules.

The Petrie twins are real life twins, who were born on 5th Match 2003, and their mum is actress Lucy Scott. 

Some fans think Adam Groff and Mr Groff are related IRL (

Fans will also be able to spot the twins smirking in the background during the infamous poo scene, when Colin Hendricks realises the brown stuff is someone’s number two. 

The news about the twins started to spread on TikTok after one user shared a viral video of themselves reacting to it.

Warning: The TikTok below contains some strong language:

The comments section is filled with shocked fans and a couple of thirsty reactions too, with many pointing out that the Groffs could actually be father and son.

“Icl I fully thought Adam was his son irl,” wrote one TikTok user. “They look so alike.”

Another fan also believed Adam and Mr Groff were related outside the show. They wrote: “They even make the sam expressions, I was convinced they were related for so long.”

A third commenter shared: “I IMMEDIATELY KNEW WHAT TWINS YOU [MEANT].”

While one other person joked: “The fact we all know who the ‘hot twins’ are is hilarious.”

Sex Education is available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: cpetrieee/Instagram

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