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And Just Like That: SATC Fans Complain It's 'The Second Time Lily Has Ruined Carrie's Life'

And Just Like That: SATC Fans Complain It's 'The Second Time Lily Has Ruined Carrie's Life'

"Lily York Goldenblatt: 2 Carrie Bradshaw: 0."

Warning: This article contains major spoilers...

If you watched the new Sex and The City reboot, And Just Like That on Thursday, you'll likely be dealing with an emotional hangover right now.

Traumatised, bereft, grief-stricken... we're feeling all the feels. And it seems we're not alone, with viewers and major SATC fans left reeling over the death of Carrie's beloved Mr Big, who died slumped on the floor after a heart attack.

With emotions running high, viewers are looking for someone to blame - and they've set their sights on Charlotte's teenage daughter, Lily.

We were left devastated by the first episode (
HBO Max)

Fans will know that Carrie and Big were supposed to be driving over to the Hamptons, but Charlotte had insisted that instead, they attend Lily's piano recital and head to the holiday spot a couple of days later.

So off Carrie went, in the blue Manolo Blahniks she wore on her wedding day (sob) leaving Big smoking a cigar and about to take on a gruelling spin class on his Peloton.

Viewers couldn't help but think - if Carrie hadn't gone to the recital, would Big still be alive? And it was this train of thought that sparked a memory from the first Sex and the City movie.

Lily hid Carrie's phone (
HBO/Warner Bros)

Several fans recalled the moment Lily hid Carrie's sparkly, pink mobile flip phone in her bag on her and Big's wedding day. It might sound harmless, but with Big having cold feet and desperately needing to hear from Carrie (so he knew it was 'just me and you') some argue if Big had been able to get in touch with Carrie, he wouldn't have been a no show.

And now, fans think it's the second time Lily has tried to ruin her aunt Carrie's life.

One person wrote on Instagram: "Look, I’m not saying that Lily MEANS for bad things to happen to her Aunt Carrie. BUT SHE KEEPS ACCIDENTALLY RUINING HER LIFE."


While another said on Twitter: "Lily York-Goldenblatt cast a spell with her piano playing to finish what she started in the first movie."

And a third said: "Lily York Goldenblatt is the silent villain of Sex and the City."

Meanwhile, a fourth simply added: "Lily York Goldenblatt: 2 Carrie Bradshaw: 0."

...And Just Like That is now available to stream on Sky and NOW TV.

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