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Selling Tampa Fans Can't Stop Crying At This Scene

Selling Tampa Fans Can't Stop Crying At This Scene


Selling Tampa fans have been left emotional over one particular scene involving Juawana Colbert.

Netflix viewers admitted they were in tears after Juawana, 41, revealed to the rest of the Allure Realty team that she was getting a divorce from husband Bryan.

Juawana told the rest of the team she's getting a divorce (

She told boss Sharelle Rosado: "Yes, I love him. He still loves me. It's just not working out and I feel like I gave my relationship... the good thing is we're not, we're not vindictive."

Fans were emotional when they saw Sharelle promise Juawana that they would still maintain their friendship, despite her friendship with Juawana's now ex-husband.

Both crying, she said: “I know you obviously love Bryan and I, I met you through Bryan, but Bryan and I are separated.

“We’re going to still be friends. I don’t think we’re able to work it out. I love him as a person in general, but I feel like I needed more from a marriage.”

And fans were in tears over the scene, with one person writing on Twitter: "I’m tearing up watching Selling Tampa like it’s my friend telling me she’s going through a divorce. I just love me some love. But like the ladies told Juwana she has to do what’s best for her and what makes her happy."

Meanwhile another said: "#SellingTampa has me hooked I'm over here tearing up at Juawana telling the girls she filed for divorce #addicted."

And a third added: "The way they all came together to support Juwana at that dinner. We love to see it! #SellingTampa."

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: "The girls crying w/ Juawana over the divorce news... the convo was so pure. Siri play To Be Loved by Adele."


Earlier this week, we told you how fans were shocked to learn that Juawana is not only mum to a 22-year-old, but is also a grandmother!

Juawana had many convinced that she was among the youngest in the Netflix series with her youthful looks and she doesn't often discuss her grandchildren much on the drama-filled reality series, but you can see regular posts with her family on Instagram.

You can read more on that here.

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