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Selling Tampa Fans Losing It Over Juawana's Shocking Blind Date

Selling Tampa Fans Losing It Over Juawana's Shocking Blind Date

There's a lot we have to unpack.

As much as we love the gorgeous mansions in both Selling Tampa and Selling Sunset, the hilariously awkward dates featured in the shows are almost just as addictive viewing.

In the latest edition of cringeworthy dates in the world of real estate, Selling Tampa fans were left crying tears of laughter when Allure Realty office manager Juawana Colbert-Williams went on a blind date.

Juawana confided in Allure Realty boss Sharelle Rosado and revealed she separated from her husband several months prior. The 41-year-old decided to keep the heartbreaking news to herself at the time of their split.

In a bid to cheer up her co-worker, Sharelle organised a blind date with a man named Keron during a work trip with all the other Allure Realty ladies in Miami.

But what should have been a lovely re-introduction to the dating scene actually became a chat about sperm retention.

One fan tweeted: "Juawana’s blind date on Selling Tampa was hilarious and the perfect intro to get back in the dating scene."

While another viewer said: "This blind date Juwana is on is wild."

And a third shared: "I am covering my face but also screaming lol."

The shocked reactions continued on Reddit, with one viewer posting: "Omg that guy was definitely out there. Who says that stuff so up front on a first date Sharelle is wrong for hooking them up."

Juawana's date changed the subject to sperm retention (

A second Reddit user tried to see the positive side of the awkward encounter: "I'm glad he showed who he was immediately so she didn't have to waste her time. There should be no talk about bodily fluids like ever! We don't know where he's from, what he does, but he's talking about meeting her family and all this crazy other stuff, just unreal."

The date begins with Juawana opening up about being legally separated from her husband as she reveals to Keron she hasn’t been on a date in seven and a half years. 

She then prompts her date to reveal something about himself, as you do. Keron says he recently left the military and the pair joke about their love of structure in their day-to-day lives.

And just like Selling Sunset star Chrishell's first date after her divorce, things took a strange turn. “There’s something that I hold true to myself, and it’s a way of life,” Keron begins.

“It’s called sperm retention.”

Juawana went on her first date after separating from her husband (

Juawana, like everyone at home watching the date unfold, was in disbelief.

Semen retention is when a man avoids ejaculation. This is sometimes achieved by abstaining from sex altogether. Some men say that it helps improve fertility, sexual pleasure and health however research into the topic is lacking.

However a small study in 2001 found higher testosterone levels in participants who avoided masturbation for three weeks.

And while it may sound like a modern fad like “No Nut November”, according to it’s actually an ancient practice. But we can all agree it's probably not the best topic for a first date.

Keron continues: “What I have understood because I have many failed relationships and what I’ve realised in my travels and understanding of life is that, you know, when a man ejaculates, his energy sometimes goes down a bit hence the reason why, before he goes out, you want to be like ‘hey. Come here, honey, let me give you some ass before you go outside’.


“Because you know that once you milk him dry, when he goes out there, he has less charisma, less energy, less aura.”

Juawana changes then changes the subject as their food is served - a dragon fruit from Vietnam with foam on the top.

“What’s on the top of it? It’s some sort of foam,” she says while gazing over the exotic fruit.

Never one to miss the chance for a joke, Keron swiftly responds: “Sperm retention!”

Keron eventually asks for kiss to which Juawana shouts “No” while chuckling.

In an interview after the date, Juawana says: “Let me first say, nice guy, very entertaining. It was a step in the right direction. I won’t be nervous, I think, to go on another date, to accept another date.”

Fingers crossed the next one is less awkward!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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