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Selling Sunset Fans Are Calling For Christine To Get Her Own Show

Selling Sunset Fans Are Calling For Christine To Get Her Own Show

When's the spin-off, Netflix

People have been going wild over the fourth season of Selling Sunset (even if they have been slightly confused by the love triangle between Christine Quinn and Emma Hernan).

However, fans have a request for Netflix.

They want Christine to get her own show, citing that she's basically already the centre of Selling Sunset anyway.

When will Netflix give a Christine Quinn spin-off the green light? (

One Twitter user wrote: "Christine was the only storyline on #SellingSunset .She literally carried this season. None of these women have a storyline without her. She needs her own show at this point"

Someone else dramatically shared the opinion that season four was nothing without Christine: "BREAKING NEWS Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn has been hospitalised due to severe spinal pains from the weight of carrying season 4 on her back".

Plenty of people were of the opinion that the show was dependent on Christine: "Selling Sunset is a show about Christine and Christine only. Every single storyline revolves around Christine. They added two whole characters to talk about Christine. Unreal".

Christine was causing a stir in the office even when she was on maternity leave in season four (
Instagram/Christine Quinn)

"Christine is Selling Sunset, no show without her! #SellingSunset", tweeted another fan.

"At this point give Christine her own show because she’s carrying the whole season!!!!!! #sellingsunset", agreed yet another viewer.

One tweeter thought the show would suffer without her on it: "Can someone please give Christine her own show?! She has the best lines, the best outfits, the best parties, the show would be dull without her! Loving Season 4 #teamchristine #SellingSunset".

Some fans worry that Christine's back would have hurt from carrying the show (

Another fan agreed the show would be dull without her: "Hey Netflix, can y’all just give Christine her own show so I can watch that? Because she is the best thing about Selling Sunset and without her the women are so dull. #SellingSunset #SellingSunsetS4 #Netflix".

There was someone that would have settled for a cameo on The Real Housewives Of Beverley Hills: "Ok Christine Quinn needs her own show…Or at least go on RHOBH".

One fan viewed watching a Christine Quinn Show as worship: "i think Christine deserves her own spin off show, I'd watch it religiously".

We know The Christine Quinn show would go straight onto our watchlist! We're waiting Netflix...

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Instagram/Christine Quinn

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