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Selling Sunset Fans Left Cringing At Chrishell's Blind Date

Selling Sunset Fans Left Cringing At Chrishell's Blind Date

Red flag alert.

We have lapped up Selling Sunset since it returned to Netflix, as we catch up on yet more drama at the Oppenheim Group.

But there’s just one scene that we can’t get over, and it’s newly single Chrishell’s blind date with Robert, organised by pal Heather Rae Young.

You can watch the clip of the cringe below.


While Chrishell is dancing with her friends and generally having the best time ever at a boat party, her date looks less than impressed that he’s being ‘neglected’.

In scenes so embarrassing we had to physically look away, Robert decides the ‘macho’ thing to do was to physically carry Chrishell away from the party, making her sit down because she’s “too hot”.

Chrishell was enjoying the music (

When he finally has a thoroughly displeased Chrishell to himself, Robert asks: “Do you want to dance or do you want to get to know me?”

And Chrishell spoke for us all when she replied: “I want to dance.”

In her confessional later on, Chrishell explained how annoyed the move made her feel.

But Robert wanted Chrishell to get to know him (

“For him to pick me up and say now it’s time to get to know him? No it’s not,” she said.

“Now is time for me to never talk to you again. Bye Robert.”

Fans were in agreement that Robert’s behaviour was totally out of line – particularly when he refused to remove when Chrishell wanted to get up and dance again.

Robert dragged Chrishell away (

On the Selling Sunset forum on Reddit, one person wrote: “I thought people grew out of this behaviour when they left high school. It was so cringe…I don’t blame Chrishell for nopeing outta there.”

A second person added: “It made me uncomfortable. It seemed very possessive.”

“Major red flag,” agreed a third. “That gave me the ick too.”

A fourth wrote: “That was one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve seen go down on a reality show, and that’s saying something.”

Chrishell made it clear his actions put her off (

And a fifth said: “The worst part was him not getting up when she wanted to get out! Not cool!”

Thankfully, it seems Chrishell has found The One after falling for her boss at the Oppenheim Group, Jason – who was on hand at the scene to tell her that she “is hot”.

Roll on season five for that gossip…

Selling Sunset is available to view on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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