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Selling Sunset Fans Spot Major Clue These Two Stars Will Get Back Together

Selling Sunset Fans Spot Major Clue These Two Stars Will Get Back Together

Did you catch this?

Selling Sunset fans have been doing some detective work and, after looking over all the evidence, they're convinced that series stars Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim are getting back together.

Viewers were shocked earlier this month when the couple announced that they had gone their separate ways, having only revealed their romance over the summer.

However, it looks like things between the pair are not completely off the table, after one eagle-eyed fan spotted Jason and Chrishell in the background of an Instagram Story posted by their co-star Amanza Smith.

Selling Sunset fans are convinced that Chrishell and Jason are back together. (

In the image, Mary Fitzgerald is taking a selfie to send to Amanza while Chrishell and Jason pose in the background.

Amanza's caption read: "This is my family. This is what I get when I don't answer their FaceTime. I love these f*ckers."

Taking a screenshot of the Instagram post and sharing it to Reddit, one follower dissected the post with fellow Selling Sunset fans, trying to work out if there was still a chance for the power couple.

Sharing the post, the OP commented: "Don’t ask me why I’m so happy to see them together."

Amanza's Instagram Story has fans doing some serious detective work. (

One excited fan commented: "I really think they’ll end up back together… I think he’ll realise what he gave up and they’ll reconcile and have a baby."

Another added: "You just took the words right out of my mouth. Sometimes the breakups is just the wake up call to them both to realise how much they need each other in life. I truly believe they’ll end up being together."

However, one Selling Sunset viewer was not convinced, writing: "The picture is not recent unfortunately. Chrishell is in Mexico with Emma right now 😒 but still sweet."

But fear not, for our OP did some digging and was able to confirm that the picture of Jason and Chrishell was, in fact, recent.

We're hoping that the power couple have reconciled. (

They wrote: "A few things I noticed:

  • Mary’s stories show that she’s watching Gracie right now, in addition to Niko and Zelda
  • Chrishell was wearing white in Emma’s story earlier today, and is wearing white in Amanza’s story too

The above makes me wonder if the call to Amanza happened earlier today when Chrishell may have been dropping off Gracie at Mary’s. It’s all circumstantial, but potentially possible?"

We like those odds!

As one fan so perfectly put it: "Ah the amount of detective work that goes on here, we could all be working for FBI!"

Selling Sunset is available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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