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Selling Sunset's Chrishell Slams Blind Date Robert In Social Media Debate

Selling Sunset's Chrishell Slams Blind Date Robert In Social Media Debate


If you've been watching Season 4 of Selling Sunset, you'll know there was a mega awks scene where Chrishell Stause is on a blind date with a guy named Robert.

The date was organised by Heather Rae Young and took place on a boat party. But viewers were left cringing at the scene, after the date took a very awkward turn.

While Chrishell is dancing and having a good time with the others, Robert decides to walk over, pick her up and carry her away so they can 'get to know each other'.

You can watch the clip below:

Because viewers found the whole thing so uncomfortable, Robert has taken to social media to defend what happened - and it's not gone down well with Chrishell.

It all started when Chrishell commented on a video of them dancing. One fan called the 'whole scene cringe' to which Chrishell responded: "Ok but in our defence this is not the song we were dancing to. Petition to release the unedited dancing footage bc agreed we look manic."

Robert then replied: "In your defence would you say the real reason the date went sideways from the second I showed up was because your boyfriend Jason was right there? I guess hiding your man from the man that came to a blind date makes for lots of cringe."


Robert picked Chrishell up (

Chrishell was having none of it however, and set the record straight regarding her relationship with Jason.

"Oh hi Robert! Jason was not my boyfriend here. In fact that step came much later. But if thinking that makes you feel better about your behaviour, I get it," she said.

Robert responded: "That’s not what the internet is saying… and by much later you mean when we were all in Vegas a week after? Sure looked that way."

Chrishell then hit back by criticising Robert's decision to pick her up. "Robert, take the L. You never pick up a woman w/o permission & if she wants to leave, refusing to get up to let me out was ridiculous. Jason & I did hook up in Vegas that weekend actually after he had put it out there but I wasn’t sure. Thank you for showing me what I did NOT want."

The pair agued on Twitter (

Robert later took to Instagram to tell fans and followers what 'really went down'. He explained that Heather had set him up on a blind date with Chrishell and when he picked Chrishell up, he was trying 'to be sweet but show interest, as requested by the producer'.

"Once I walked on to the boat it was very awkward and not inviting, like me, the producers and film crew had no idea Chrishell and Jason were a thing, nor did anything go as planned in regards to the date," he said.

"... I meant no disrespect by picking her up, I was trying to be sweet but show interest as requested by the producer. I was honestly lost and confused as to why I was on this date with a woman that was interested originally then wouldn’t even give me two seconds of her time once I was there.

"As for the fact that I didn’t move when she said she wanted to dance and not get to know me, I was just lost and blindsided it happened so quickly I could react that fast. I sat back in disbelief and awe as she climbed over me."

Chrishell responded on Instagram (

Chrishell was not happy at being tagged in another post, and responded: "Please stop tagging me in things. I was 100 per cent single on this boat and free to date whoever I want.

"I would have understood if you were nervous and acted differently because of that. But to be on here and Twitter defending your actions is making it worse. I originally enjoyed meeting you until I started to see things I didn’t vibe with.

"But picking me up & then not getting up to let me out was not great. Cameras didn’t see but I’m glad you mentioned, then you were also very rude to me when I went to say that it was nice to meet you & say goodbye.

"I wish you all the best and it sucks this all went so downhill. But tagging me in multiple posts on multiple platforms to trying to defend behaviour that isn’t defendable isn’t it.

"I was single. You were rude. It wasn’t a match. Let’s all move on please."

Oh dear!

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