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Red Notice Fans Spot Tribute To Titanic Film

Red Notice Fans Spot Tribute To Titanic Film

Did you clock this?

With the huge success of Netflix's Red Notice, fans have been pouring over the film to spot all the hidden details that they can.

And they have spotted a very subtle nod to the film Titanic in a scene with Ryan Reynolds on a boat.

Ryan Reynolds's boat's name is a nod to the Titanic film (

The name of the boat, "We're gonna make it, Rose", is an homage to Titanic starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, who played Jack and Rose. The line is said to Rose when things are looking pretty bleak for the couple after the iceberg hits but spoiler: Jack did not make it, Rose.

Considering the tongue-in-cheek humour of Red Notice, it's another cheeky (if heart-breaking) wink from the film calling a boat after a famous line from film where the boat famously sinks.

Also, if Rose and Jack had more than just a plank of wood to save them and an actual boat, then they would have definitely both made it.

Rose promised Jack that she would never let go (
Paramount/20th Century Fox)

Bad omen aside, Red Notice also had a few other nods to popular films. In a Reddit thread discussing Ryan's boat, other users also commented other tributes they noticed when watching.

One person explained: "And...when they were in the treasure room...there was a wooden crate with the same label as the Ark...from Indiana Jones."

Another viewer also clocked an Indiana Jones reference: "My favourite part was Ryan’s character whistling the Indiana Jones theme."

Red Notice fans spotted the homage, and it's very tongue in cheek (

Someone also applauded the tributes snuck into the fight scenes in Red Notice: "There is a scene in the beginning where Ryan Reynolds fights a guy on the scaffolding and ties him up with his jacket. I was watching Rush Hour 2 right after Red Notice and that same scene is there with Jackie Chan fighting guys on the bamboo scaffolding and Jackie ties a guy up with the same moves!"

Red Notice is full of hidden clues, including a tell-tale sign that viewers pointed out that The Bishop was behind stealing the second egg.

When the egg smashes on the floor, there's a tiny painted symbol that reveals who was behind the decoy.

You can read more about the detail here.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Netflix

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