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Spencer: Fans Are Saying The New Princess Diana Movie Is 'Oscar-Worthy'

Spencer: Fans Are Saying The New Princess Diana Movie Is 'Oscar-Worthy'

'This is high art camp'.

Following the long-awaited release of Spencer on 5th November, film enthusiasts and Princess Diana stans alike are struggling to contain their excitement.

Fans of the film are totally understanding the assignment - commenting on how the film isn't supposed to be a true-to-life biopic and taking it with a pinch of salt.

The Pablo Larraín-penned 'fable' has been met with rave reviews from film critics all over the world, despite the fact that it recently came under fire from eating disorder charity BEAT.

Twitter users have been expressing their delight since the film came out on Friday.

"I thought Spencer was excellent," said one user. "Kristen Stewart and Johnny Greenwood hold the film together, but it's secret weapon is Timothy Spall's oppressive presence".

Accomplished actor Timothy Spall plays a fictional character, Equerry Major Alistair Gregory, who is told to keep a close eye on Diana throughout the fateful weekend.

Fans loved the new Diana film. (

Other viewers proved that you don't need to be a royal family fan in order to enjoy the film. "I've got no interest in the royals and booked baby cinema club last minute this week because it was Spencer but I thought it was superb and could watch Kristen Stewart dance around hallways as Diana all day long", said another user.


"Spencer is one of the most haunting, draining and overall best movies of the year", a third said.

"Kristen Stewart disappears as Princess Diana delivering the most complex, layered and best performance of the year. She's winning that Oscar".

A fourth praised Kristen for her "mesmerising" performance. "She goes all in as the iconic Princess Diana, and the result is Academy Award worthy".


Film critic Caspar Salmon pretty much won the internet with the best reaction, however.

"Loved Spencer," he said. "A beautiful piece of high-art camp, a private nightmare amidst grotesque pomp. Diana's yellow tricorn! Anne Boleyn! KFC! Kristen Stewart is terrifically good, between impersonation and sublimation. The film is absurd and heartfelt, which gives it a ring of truth".


Spencer is now in cinemas.

Featured Image Credit: FilmNation Entertainment

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