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All Seven Seasons Of Pretty Little Liars Will Be Back On Netflix From Monday

All Seven Seasons Of Pretty Little Liars Will Be Back On Netflix From Monday

People literally petitioned for this.

Got a secret, can you keep it...? All seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars will be back on Netflix UK from 1st November.

Following protests from fans and - er - actual petitions, this latest news has been incredibly well-received.

Despite the fact that the show has been available on iPlayer since January and looks set to stay until November, Twitter users have complained they 'just prefer it on Netflix'. The series originally left the streaming platform on 18th April 2020.

The series was originally removed from Netflix in April 2020. [

The series originally ran from 2010 to 2017, gaining a loyal following along the way. It made household names of several stars, including Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson. The plot surrounded five best friends with a friendship group falling apart, particularly after the disappearance of clique leader Alison (Sasha Pieterse). Their lives are dominated by the mysterious 'A', who seemed to know everything about them.

Fans were initially devastated to discover that Netflix were removing the series from the site. In the US, the show is available to stream on HBO Max.

BBC iPlayer picked the series up back on New Year's Day this year, along with staple US shows such as The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, and Gossip Girl.

Lucy Hale was one of the breakout stars. [

Fan reactions to the Netflix news was as joyous as expected, with people talking about re-living the prime of their lives when the show was originally broadcast.

"It might be time to regress to my PLL phase once again", one Tweeted.

"So ready to binge-watch these on my days off", said another.

Twitter @prettylittlekt

Not everyone was happy to see the show returning, however. A number of fans complained that they could already watch all seven seasons on iPlayer.

"I can assure you, nobody asked for this," said one disgruntled viewer.

Either way, at least it gives us another excuse to binge-watch it all over again!

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