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People Are Sharing Emotional Tributes To Their English Teachers

People Are Sharing Emotional Tributes To Their English Teachers

We'd be nothing without them!

We firmly believe that English teachers are the backbone of society. They inspire creativity, help you blossom and encourage you to follow your dreams. In our experience, anyway!

No-one knows this better than Adele, who sweetly reunited with her year eight teacher 'Miss' McDonald during Sunday night's ITV special.

The clip - in which the teary singer gushed over her 'likeable' and 'cool' English teacher - blew up overnight, prompting thousands of Tweeters to pay tribute to their own educators online.

During a question-and-answer segment, newly-discovered Adele stan Emma Thompson asked the superstar if anyone had "inspired [...] or protected [her]" when she was younger.

The singer reminisced on one teacher in particular, who taught English and "streetdance in the canteen". She talked about how Miss McDonald had taught her students to "care... and she cared about us".

In the biggest twist of the night, the Nanny McPhee actress revealed that the former teacher was in the audience. Adele and her inspirer reunited, leaving viewers grabbing for a box of tissues at home.

Adele reunited with her year eight English teacher Miss McDonald. [

ITV posted the clip on social media, practically breaking the internet overnight. The video has been retweeted by hundreds of accounts, leading to a mass of people getting nostalgic for their own school experiences.

"I also have an English teacher whom I talk about till today", user Stephanie Forster said. "I've combed through my old emails to try and find her contact. I hope I'll find Ms Bush one day".


"I do value my English teacher who taught me so much about logical reasoning and just how to be a decent human being," gushed a second.


"My teacher also changed my life... Thanks Mrs. Carmen", said a third.


Some users cited their English educators as the reason they made creative writing their career, including one woman who joked her teacher "kept me back after class, made me read The Guardian".

Former Gogglebox star Reverend Kate Bottley also gave a specific shout-out to the teacher who inspired her the most. "Mine was Mrs Page (Myers Grove 1987) I loved her #Adele30".


"I was an introverted queer writer so naturally I talked to my English teacher more than my peers and had a close bond with her. She was one of the first people I ever told I was non-binary [sic]" revealed an anonymous user.


One teacher even spoke out on behalf of the students he'd helped in the past. "It warms my heart seeing my former students tagging me on the video of Adele and her English teacher. I told them before and I'll say it again - I'LL PROTECT YOUR DREAMS. So happy and proud that everyone's going places now".


"For me, it was Ms. Leena", another person Tweeted. "My English teacher in St. Michaels who made me fall in love with English. #Adele30".


We're so here for this heartwarming content! Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to call our English teachers and tell them we love them.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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